Thursday, June 26


Edited my friendster profile.. Been a long time since I last update! Sad today cause.. HAIZ!
Tomorrow Friday already. I got to finish it fast. anyone can help me?

Finish watch HanaKimi. Now watching Love angel. Old one also. Then The Money Maker Recipe came yesterday! I taught Forensic! Cause kor said Forensic one!! T.T So long still not yet come.. So now I currently watching Love angel, The Money Maker Recipe and also Monkey King! I tv addict already! xD Now I am waiting for butterfly lovers starring Ah Sa and Wu Zhun.. I just want to see Wu Zhun.. Every time after finish watch HanaKimi I will gila of Wu Zhun one! ^^

Boy is going back to Petaling. So I am free from him!! YEAH YEAH!! Naughty boy!! I go sayang baby lu!~~~~ MUAHAHAHAHAHA...

Sunday cell church at Chee Meng house. Suddenly I don't want to do worship cause I do not have the time to type the song or choose cause busy doing Friday's duty! ANYONE CAN HELP??? T.T

Even though you are not here now
But in my heart I can feel you are with me.

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