Saturday, June 14

What a sad day!

Went to school yesterday for that CF thingy.. I am upset with James they all.. Then I am not feeling well. For whole day I am so pain~ At night went to cg and then upset again due to 'something'.. Eumun pula don't know what happen... GRrrrrrrrrr... I also need people to talk to! But seems like I have no one to talk to! In 1 day i got so many things that I am not happy about.. Still, I want to know what happen!! SHERINA!!! U very free meh now??
I am bumble bee now.. Part time.. 1 hour Rm 6.. can online.. So good ler...
Today still not feeling well.. haiz... Bad day for me again... Tmr need to go church early.. I hope tmr is a better day!!!
I am here to be the one that can be the one you want me to be.

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