Monday, March 30

I am not useless... try ba.. =p

There you go... A very dull dull sherina... Lolz

Anyway, I've set myself free~
Elisa... I am not useless
I am NOT!
Happy?! I won't say I am useless already.
ILOVEYOUELISA.. wahahahaha..

ps: iwanttotellyousomethingandithinkyouwillhappywithwhatidid.

Saturday, March 28


this blog seems dead.... so dead... dull.. just like me... dull and dead soon...
Emo emo emo


I am tired now.........

Thursday, March 26

Did nothing

If a guy cry it is big matter.. Really?!

Recently, 2 of my close friend cried. One in his room and another in the toilet. I don't know whether it is big matter or not but I knew it hurt me so much to see this two person cried. They are so tough on the outside. They are the person who I always rely on.. But when they cried, me, as a friend, can't really do much and I do think I am being a burden for them. I always want to pleased everybody in my life.. However, I don't think I can do it. I always want to make everyone happy but actually how many people are really happy when I am around. I don't think people wants me to be with them. I think they would want me to just get on my butt and get away far from them. Anyway, back to the two guys. When they cry, in my heart, deeply, I want to help them by, maybe giving advised or maybe telling something to make them happy. However, I did nothing. I feel so useless. I did nothing at all.

Tuesday, March 24


Stomach really makes me feel like dying...
When my stomach is pain I feel very sleepy.
Yet I can't sleep due to it is too pain! T.T

Monday, March 23


You know, uhm.... My leg is still pain..

And. uhm... I twist my leg again today... It hurts...
I know I am dumb!

Saturday, March 21

Dear brother

Thank you dear lovely brother,

You really understands me quite well. Although we are not so close but you can understands me and know what I am thinking. You are a great leader. Great brother. Great friend. Thank you for your prayer.

i love you brother~

Jayzee is his name

Friday, March 20

you and I

You were walking,
I was waiting.

You were talking,
I was listening.

you were hiding
i was seeking

and, I will never forget that day.....

Thursday, March 19

passion for christ 2

I realise my lazyness is back! I am lazy to blog.. My life is just boring!
So I have nothing to blog! So let's don't blog! =.=""

Anyway, yesterday night is FUN! After worship practice we went to yam cha.. All of us have a good laugh! We laugh like nobody business. lol And, and, that big bro did something! HE, he,, haiz, don't know what to say. We talked about peacehaven camp. That was so long ago, yet, it is the best camp we ever had. With the older youth and the young ones. WE had so much fun and jokes.. Especially Chee Kean with the tissue paper. xD Gabriel and his deodorant! =.= Chee Meng and Zhen Bi.. And so much more... The guys really had lotsa fun in their room! Oh ya.. Kalven and no shampoo.. Always won't bring his shampoo and won't bath.. LOL!

If and only if we can have another peacehaven camp once again with the same ppl + new ppl. I really hope we can have... PASSION FOR CHRIST 2!!!

Saturday, March 14


"Hey, I love you"

What is your reaction if someone say this to you?


Friday, March 13


The blue sky,
The wind rushing ,
The walking people ,
The peeing dog ,
The moving car ,
The falling leaves,

Did not caught my attention...


you caught my attention.
I am happy to see you once again..

I am one of them

Sometimes "female" is scary.. Don't try to be funny with them. They will really show their rreal identity to you! =)

* I am one of them *

Thursday, March 12

I had a bad day

I had a bad day... Really bad... I just don't know how to elaborate further.

My feet is damn pain!!! and, I am going to sick soon cause... I just walk in a HEAVY RAIN.. I am wet and I having a headache!

Wednesday, March 11

cannot say it out

I am being so selfish nowadays..

and and,

I ... I....

am... ,,

Saturday, March 7

I have nobody. I am no one. I am useless.

This will be a random post.
I am so bored..


Sitting here playing guitar at my workplace *bumble bee* makes me feel so sleepy and tired.. Maybe due to lack of knowledge to play that guitar, so, I was, am bored!
Then thoughts comes in to my mind.
All of the sudden, I feel I am so lonely.
I am here without anyone.
Where're all my friends?
The one in Kuantan? Those who say they love me? Where are they.. ? Browsing through their blog, I can feel that I am no longer a part of friend of them. They mixed with new friends and forgotten me. Those who always say miss me no longer find me. Those friends I really care no longer need me to care.
I just miss the time when we in that school and playing and taking charge of our prefect duty..
But past is a past.. When I left them, that is! I came out from there and that means I came out from all this friends lives.. I am no longer a best friend to them, the girl that they love, the little girl that needs their care.. I am out of there and out of them.

Now, sitting here with full of thoughts.. Wanted to talk to someone, but I could not even find a person to talk. I do not have any friends. I can't find anyone. I am just lonely..
I have nobody. I am no one. I am useless.

Die-ing soon

T.T maybe i am die-ing soon..
i said..

joel said
if u die, i make sure ur gravestone shape like an iron pill

I should cry or laugh??

Joel Goh as in The Monkey King!

Friday, March 6

Do not blame

Why want to blame others when you, your ownself want to do it?
You should know the circumstances. How old are you? Do you think you are a little girl that are so silly and naive?
Excuse me!
You blame that person for what?! You agreed to do it! You are willing to do it. That person did not force you. As you said that person asked you! And you think it before you agree... That person asked YOUR PERMISSION! So do not blame that person!
You said that person did not protect you? How to protect you? That person also in deep trouble. That person already apologize!

That person is wrong for this matter but you should not blame that person because it is you who agree to let that person do it!

Thursday, March 5

Let's let go!

Sometimes you want to let go
Sometimes I want to let go
But we haven't let go
So are we letting go?

When you want to let go- I stop you,
When I want to let go - You stop me.
So how are we letting go?
Can we just really let it go for once?

Now, I am really really really really really.
Let's let go!

Fragile heart

If you ask someone something,
and, she/he did not reply you,
she/he gave you the answer.


I do have a fragile heart.
It is easily to be break
Why do you break it so many times?
Do you know it is hurtful?
How many times I need to feel the pain?
Whether it is this problem or that problem and now this

Do not make any promise if you do not mean it!

Wednesday, March 4

They are dangerous

I just don't understand why they want to fight..
Taking a broom and chasing other people because a small matter?
Hello?! Why not just ignore them and let them be?
If you think you guys are great, you guys are so wrong.
You don't know what they will doo to you. They might ask their gang to come and beat you up!
Why want to risk?
We don't know them.
They are dangerous

Tuesday, March 3

Pls remind me the 2 sentence

The sky - dark
My mind - stuck
My heart - miss
Someone - you


The sky - dark
Your mind - stuck
(another two sentence forget jor..)