Thursday, March 19

passion for christ 2

I realise my lazyness is back! I am lazy to blog.. My life is just boring!
So I have nothing to blog! So let's don't blog! =.=""

Anyway, yesterday night is FUN! After worship practice we went to yam cha.. All of us have a good laugh! We laugh like nobody business. lol And, and, that big bro did something! HE, he,, haiz, don't know what to say. We talked about peacehaven camp. That was so long ago, yet, it is the best camp we ever had. With the older youth and the young ones. WE had so much fun and jokes.. Especially Chee Kean with the tissue paper. xD Gabriel and his deodorant! =.= Chee Meng and Zhen Bi.. And so much more... The guys really had lotsa fun in their room! Oh ya.. Kalven and no shampoo.. Always won't bring his shampoo and won't bath.. LOL!

If and only if we can have another peacehaven camp once again with the same ppl + new ppl. I really hope we can have... PASSION FOR CHRIST 2!!!

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