Saturday, March 7

I have nobody. I am no one. I am useless.

This will be a random post.
I am so bored..


Sitting here playing guitar at my workplace *bumble bee* makes me feel so sleepy and tired.. Maybe due to lack of knowledge to play that guitar, so, I was, am bored!
Then thoughts comes in to my mind.
All of the sudden, I feel I am so lonely.
I am here without anyone.
Where're all my friends?
The one in Kuantan? Those who say they love me? Where are they.. ? Browsing through their blog, I can feel that I am no longer a part of friend of them. They mixed with new friends and forgotten me. Those who always say miss me no longer find me. Those friends I really care no longer need me to care.
I just miss the time when we in that school and playing and taking charge of our prefect duty..
But past is a past.. When I left them, that is! I came out from there and that means I came out from all this friends lives.. I am no longer a best friend to them, the girl that they love, the little girl that needs their care.. I am out of there and out of them.

Now, sitting here with full of thoughts.. Wanted to talk to someone, but I could not even find a person to talk. I do not have any friends. I can't find anyone. I am just lonely..
I have nobody. I am no one. I am useless.

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