Saturday, November 29

Tag by Elisa

I got tag thousand times with this tag and I ignore it, but today due to I got TAG by this good best friend, sasa, SO I DO IT. Only because of YOU!

There the taggie start... T.T

A. Tag 10 monkeys.... Some got blog some no blog. Want to do or don't want, You like la~

1. Joel Goh
2. Ying Yi
3. Joshua
4. Chee Meng
5. Gabriel
6. Sheng Jian
7. Elisa
8. Joanna
9. Poh Yee
10. Hui Huan

How do you know 1-Joel?
~ He is too famous for his is the MONKEY KING!

What would you do if you never met 2-Ying Yi?
~ My life will feel boring because I will feel empty without a pig.. xD

What would you do if 3-Joshua & 4-Chee Meng dated you?
~*Gulp* One is tooooooooooo YOUNG.. One is toooooooooooo HANDSOME..

Would 5-Gabriel & 6- Sheng Jian make a good couple?
~ Sheng Jian is tooooooooooo HANDSOME & YENG to him.. haha.. jkjk. both of them hate gays!

Do you think 7- Elisa is attractive?(:
~ If she is not attractive, I won't be doing this blog.. She beyond attractive! =)

Do you know anything about 8's-Joanna family?
~ Yes! *gua*

Tell me something about 9-Poh Yee.
~ She's been "hilang" from blog very long and she just finish her SPM. Now, she IS BACK IN ACTION. "luv u little girl" =)

What language does 2-Ying Yi?
~ Er... Rojak- ing and pig language.. * lala* is one of her language!

Who is 3- Joshua going out with?
~ Boy's brigade now at Town Park.. =p

How old is 4- Chee Meng?
~ 2x... I know how old is he but why must i reveal their secret.. BLEK

Who is 6-Sheng Jian favourite singer?
~ Not sure.. Korean songs gua!

Would you date 7-Elisa?
~Yea. I dated her on 6th 7th & 8th December... We are going to do something super fun! =)

10-Hui Huan single?
~ I don't think so. Lala...

What is 9's-Poh Yee last name?
~ Kam Poh Yee... rite??

Which school does 2-Ying Yi go to?
~ lalala school...

What do you like about 3-Joshua?
~ Why this question? er.... Why? SECRET! Don't want tell a... blek blek blek..

Thursday, November 27


Bed time story,
DO you love it when you are young?
I think it is nice to have someone to read you some story to let you fall asleep.
I NEVER try it before..

"Mama, can you read me bedtimes story?" little girl ask.
"Yes my darling" Answered the mom
"Thks mama"

There the story goes....
Once upon a time there's a lady name cinderella...... (and the story goes on)
I believe we know this story very well! We got a lot of version...

But I just like it... and... because I know some kids don't really know. WHY? COntinue tmr..

Wednesday, November 26

emoing adaysnow

I don't know why I am so emo nowadays..
Just feel like it..
I am a bit cacated I think...
Today HR says that "don't tell me YOU want to resign har!!! NO har.. "
Haiz.. I hope I won't tell you this soon. =)
I want to STUDY~~ BUT HOW?
I know! Go back SLEEP!

Tuesday, November 25


Hey, I am still sick. Today, I feel my body is so so hot when I get up from my bed. I am so so so reluctant to get up...
Den I started to think what if I die on this morning.... WHO CARES! DIE LA!
ANd then now, I really feel it. Who cares?! Those people won't care whether you are here or not. You are just a side dishes! When they feel like they need you they find you to talk or laugh!
I know it sounds so ..... but..... i really..... haiz


Monday, November 24


Oh dear, sick sick sick. why can't I recover. haiz!
They ask me go body check.. Er.... I don't think is a need lor..
Anyway, This sunday my turn to sing. With who? I don't know.... er... as if la...
If he don't wan sing that don sing ba... i go sing with yy oso can.. alalalala..
hahhaha... blek... At first I thought don't want sing let him sing..
Ceh, y I got to be like that... haha.. sing oni la.. hehe...

Saturday, November 22


Whenever I think of you - It hurts
Whenever I saw you - It pains
Whenever you talk to me - It makes me feel something
The feelings changed now..
YES! After knowing the truth, feel like back off once again!

I knew it! I hate the truth but I got to face the truth!


Haven't recover and getting worst.
Mood swing again.

This is what I can blog about for now. Just feel terrible ble ble...

Tuesday, November 18


I am sick - AGAIN..


Saturday, November 15

Open heart

My mood of blogging became less due to my company new software that block quite a number of site! I can't go online and I feel so terrible~ Poor thing me~
Anyway, I don't care now. I am planning and planning and planning.. Still haven't find any solution but I believe He will help me. =)
Yesterday we had our cell and twe had discussion. Its good to pour everything out than keep it in my heart. Now I realise! It is important. As a family or friend we need you give whole heartedly.
Those people who are stil angry me or whatsoever, I don't care. I have my family~ Friends~
But, my hearts is still open for You Guys~

Thursday, November 13

Just a just

Step out from the darkness and see the light
Forever in your comfort zone just a waste of time
Out from there and be a mature person
Although its pain but its worth of time.

See the bright side and not the dark side
Be still and never try to fall by your own
Try to get up by yourself if you fall
Only yourself who can help you in the end.

Listen to Him and not anyone else
His instruction is to be obey not others
He is the only person to rely to
Non other person but just Him.


I wanted to write a song for Him but end up came up something else.
I don't know what this can be..

Wednesday, November 12


When you think everything is alright, it is not

-this is part of life-

Monday, November 10

trying so hard

The more you want attention from me, the more I giving you zero attention.
You can get all the attention from another guy or girl but not me.
I am cold-blooded - You can say that.
I just dislike people who want attention too much from other people with all the things, whatever. I know you long ago. Those people knew about you! Some don't know but I am sure that I have no interest to tell anyone. I am not those people who love to make people hate you. But, don't try to pull my tail or step my tail. I really will bite you!

This is me. Evil or not? I think I am. I think I am a person full with hatred.... n I am trying to change my attitude.. The above is what I am few weeks/months before.. Trying to change.. I Hope I can!

Saturday, November 8

New Layout

What do you think about my new layout? Mushroom!
I know I know! I am over again! But I just love mushroom for now.
Besides I got bored with that old layout..
I wasted 1 hour to fix the fonts and hex code. FUh.. Tired!!
Enjoy your stay here!

Falling in love

I don't know why you hesitate
Everytime you are near me
It is that you fear
You might fall into something deep
Standing on the edge of the night
Feelings raging inside
But if you open your eyes
Can you see the fireflies dancing in the air
Like the stars up in the sky
Feel the gentle breeze caress the night
Oh, it's time to take to flight
Take my hand
I'll lead you to the places whereI am sure you've never been
So just hold me close and we will go
This is how it all begins


Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do!
How to sing?!
Having unstable voice now!

Friday, November 7

yesterday once more~


happy happy happy~

Yesterday friend told me went to sunway pyramid saw the big mushroom head cost Rm 20++.
Then at kelana jaya giant - living cabin don't know how much.
wah... Makes my heart keep thinking that mushroom!!!
Huh!!! She say want buy me mario mushroom! I don't want la. I want de is like maple mushroom Pink colour de.. cute le!! hehehe... no $$ BUY.. c ONLY lu!!

I almost bang a car yesterday! haih! I am so terrible! =p

Thursday, November 6

never i again to you

I want to say something to someone but I think no need le.
I said yesterday midnight.
And I promised myself never to do that ever again!

I don't want to open my mouth.
Just want to type to express my feelings.
Even today in the office I talk less...


I wanted to say a lot of things. All is in my mind yesterday night.
But, today,
I don't feel like posting all these things.
It couldn't hep me at all.
Just will make me feel more down.
So I better less talk more action.
What I want to do I got to do it.
No use thinking. Think for one year already and i still having all the thoughts only.
hey come on, get up and do something!

Yesterday my friend ask me what i want for birthday present
Its kinda late but then, she promised to give me after she is holiday from work.
I want that mushroom soft toys for huggies or pig is ok too.
But I did not tell her I want that. Is like so expensive! T.T


Yesterday kor kor belanja me eat dinner... That is consider my b'day present ba for this year. *better than none right* *winks*

Wah! I want soft toys. Yeap, I sounded like kids. I know. But I want that cute thingy to hug!

I knew something
I saw something
I feel something
I dislike something
I say something
I angry something
I did something

=One day=

Wednesday, November 5

Happy Birthday

To the little brother that we have
This is your special day
Hope you had a blessed birthday.
I will be missing you for one week right?
You going to somewhere over the rainbow right?
The center guy - beside the handsome and the other handsome guy =)
Happy Birthday to you.
I am bless to have you this small brother that always talk to me
I got someone to share my little secret with.
We love you


I said I want to give up..
But why am I dreaming of you yesterday night.

I just don't know what am I thinking!

Tuesday, November 4

this is for real

Once again, I feel I am so confused.
I don't know how now.
What can I do?

lazy lazy lazy again

Sleeping is what I do the best for yesterday and Sunday.
Sleep Sleep and sleep and this makes me feel that I am so lazy and I think I am.

I have nothing to say now because I feel so lazy. Yes, so so lazy.

I just want to say...
Luckily you did say something to me
Luckily this makes me feel that you didn't avoid to talk to me.
Luckily you still joke with me
I feel good once again in the morning because of you small little jokes.

Saturday, November 1


Sometimes I feel I better leave this place
Sometimes I feel like running away from here
Sometimes I want to just leave everything behind
Because I don't feel my existence here.

Sometimes I feel like stop arguing
Sometimes I feel like avoid something
Sometimes I am afraid of misunderstanding
Because people tends to misunderstands.

Sometimes I feel that you hate me
Sometimes I feel that you avoided me
Sometimes I feel that you don't want to talk to me
This makes my heart feel so pain.

Sometimes I feel like scold you on your face
Sometimes I feel like slap you on you face
Sometimes I feel like just call you to shut your mouth up
Because YOU are so so annoying!!

I know sometimes I am so harsh
but when you give up on somebody
you will just won't do anything more
Cause it is so worthless.

Each of the so-called stanza is for different people