Saturday, May 21

A short post

I've received my Can Glass.Photos will be upload next time.

and, I am happy with my new work. Colleague are so friendly. WAYYYY too friendly. =)

Sunday, May 15

McDonald Can Glass

Tomorrow is the day where I am going to get my McDonald can glass set. Once I got it, I will be taking picture with it and also upload it in Facebook and here!

Monday, May 9

Wednesday, May 4


: that the better will come and the worst will go away

Sunday, May 1

"How are you?"

"So how are you nowadays?"

I dislike this question - a lot. Seriously I don't feel comfortable when people ask me this especially those I don't really know. Those who I know it's okay because I can tell them my stuff. But for those I am not very close, how to answer when I am not very good? "Fine! (with a smile)"? If I am fine I am okay but what if I am not? 

Perhaps you might think that what a weird person I am. I can always just reply "fine". But I always feel that what if I am not at that moment? So means I have to lie? A question that I can't find a good answer to answer. 

Anyway, back to myself. Nowadays things just goes good and, bad. Nothing is perfect. So I have to bear with everything. Sometimes I feel that I want to lock myself to somewhere that I can hear nothing and see nothing. At times I feel I am a big burden for my mom. I am very tired. Although I always looks like I am crazy and talk a lot, I am not what you think. I seriously don't know what can I do. I want to have a better life but things just don't look good for me. When things started to look good, suddenly something else will come out and I will feel down. What can I do? I think what I left to do is to PRAY. I really need the Lord to show me the way and lead me and of course, BLESS me and my mom. Sometimes I feel like I want to talk. But I don't know who can I turn to. I am just so feeling weak. I need a break - from this real world. 

Sign off,


Blogging used to be part of my life. I used to blog everyday. At times I blog few times a day. However now you can see that I am not very active in blogging. Sometimes I am on hiatus or sometimes once a month.
Every time when I am online, the first thing I do is of course - Facebook. Sometimes my purpose is not to go facebook but i automatically will just open that web and do nothing. Most of the times I think of something I wanted to blog but when I switch on the laptop, I will go to facebook or some other sites like news and email but not blogger. If I am in blogger, I don't feel like blogging anymore cause I feel is a waste of time. I don't have the feeling like I used to have. Perhaps it is because my English is not so powerful. Sometimes I feel that when people read my English they will laugh because my English is not good.

I tried to close down this blog a few times but, always, I open it back because I just want this blog. Don't know why. Maybe this is one of my best memories.

I hope I can still continue with this blog. Now I think if there is no one single person that read my blog, it is okay. Because my purpose now is to write my thoughts. Maybe with this I can prolong a little longer.

Sign off