Tuesday, November 24

Faith is in the heart..

In just a blink of eye, November is coming to an end. Therefore, Christmas is coming real soon.
Christmas, Christmas, Christmas. It will be a very different Christmas for me this year. Good? or Bad? God has His purpose for everything. Just hope the best out of everything. We can't predict what will happen next. What we can is just to prepare our hearts for what's next!

For me, I feel that 2009 passes very fast. You know, people always says, when you are happy, time passes real fast. I gotta agree with that actually. I feel like it is just not long ago I celebrate Christmas and now Christmas is coming again. What am I going to do this Christmas? Every year I will be running around helping people to do stuff and busy for this and that. As for this year, I am still planning what to do. I might go to Subang Church or I might wants to stay at home and relax. All these year I have been running around here and there. It might be a time for me to really spend my time with my Mom for this Christmas. Nowadays I am being too lazy to go out. I prefer to stay at home. Anyway, I am still put all these in "consider" mode. I might want to spend my Christmas with some of my friends if they are free. =)

In one year, everything seems different. It might be for Good... Or other way round. Let's just hope everything gets better as time goes. Wait... Sermon last week... HAVE FAITH.. because.. Faith is in the heart, Hope is in the mind. =)

I miss you guys.. =)

Friday, November 20


At times you are so close
But I don't feel you
When you are far away
I doubt I miss you

What is the real feeling
I have no idea
I hope those feeling is just a passer by
It comes and it goes.

You asked me why?
Why I am so different?
Why I am so cool?
Why I acted so differently?

It might just happen to you
I don't know how to react
Once you told me your feelings
That gave me a shock.

I hope you will understand
That I don't want anything now
I hope you will get what I mean
And I am so sorry..


Thursday, November 12


I feel like closing myself, closing myself
Running away, runnin' away.

Where can I go?
Where can I hide?
I am coward that never have the guts.

I think it suits me.. Yeah! I guess so.

Hey people, you guys can just leave my blog now. Nothing much too update nowadays because I've started a new blog last month. Another blog huh? Yea.. A new fresh blog. It's public. If any of you feel like view it. Go ahead! I won't stop you if you found that blog. Just leave this blog. Just shuuuuuu!!!!


What can I do

How to change a person totally?

I have no idea. I try to change my thinking, my habits, and so on.. However, I became anti-social everytime I tried. I am afraid I will be like last time. Sitting alone in the corner and keep my mouth shut. It's funny to see Sherina sitting in the corner without talking and be quiet but it's the truth.
Those feelings came back and I hate it. I became the years back me. Imagine lots of thing and wants to be alone. I am so afraid. Afraid of those days will hunts me once again.

I hate to be over sensitive! I really hate it. It haunts me! I hate it.

I also hate split personality. . .

Sunday, November 8


I feel very weird today in Subang church.
I went to have lunch with the youth.. Oh wait, young adults? Or? Ahahaha... They are in their twenties lar... So not so sure what they called.. xD I can't remember all their name.. Bad memory I have

almost 20 people went to eat I think.. BIG GROUP.. haha

Still..... .. .. I need to really get used to it...

Wednesday, November 4



Let's start from the very beginning with those who wants to start together.

Monday, November 2

FREE~ lol

Free food for few days.. =)

Let's see.

On Thursday, there's this restaurant opened nearby our working place. Can eat for free.. So got free lunch. At night, went out with Aunty Jolene for a yum cha session at Station One. Free again. Nyam~

Friday, went to slimming centre and got free buffet. Free wine and cheese.. So got free lunch too. At night, don't know eat what..

Saturday, breakfast in Berjaya Hotel. Lunch in Berjaya Hotel. Nyam.. Free again! Wao~ Gain weight lar nowadays! =) Fatter d.. .Haha..
Saturday dinner, "birthday dinner" with some of the friends. Free again.. THANKSSSSS LAI MING!! hahaha.

Sunday, went to have lunch with Pastor Malcolm and Aunty Uma.. Free again... THANKSSS

Save lot of $$ these few days.. LOL.. and earn alot of fats too.. xD


Friday went to overnight in my friends house.. LOL.. Kinda fun to overnight. Become insane and went out to yum cha till almost 12 midnight.. FUN FUN FUN~ hahaha...