Tuesday, November 24

Faith is in the heart..

In just a blink of eye, November is coming to an end. Therefore, Christmas is coming real soon.
Christmas, Christmas, Christmas. It will be a very different Christmas for me this year. Good? or Bad? God has His purpose for everything. Just hope the best out of everything. We can't predict what will happen next. What we can is just to prepare our hearts for what's next!

For me, I feel that 2009 passes very fast. You know, people always says, when you are happy, time passes real fast. I gotta agree with that actually. I feel like it is just not long ago I celebrate Christmas and now Christmas is coming again. What am I going to do this Christmas? Every year I will be running around helping people to do stuff and busy for this and that. As for this year, I am still planning what to do. I might go to Subang Church or I might wants to stay at home and relax. All these year I have been running around here and there. It might be a time for me to really spend my time with my Mom for this Christmas. Nowadays I am being too lazy to go out. I prefer to stay at home. Anyway, I am still put all these in "consider" mode. I might want to spend my Christmas with some of my friends if they are free. =)

In one year, everything seems different. It might be for Good... Or other way round. Let's just hope everything gets better as time goes. Wait... Sermon last week... HAVE FAITH.. because.. Faith is in the heart, Hope is in the mind. =)

I miss you guys.. =)

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