Monday, November 2

FREE~ lol

Free food for few days.. =)

Let's see.

On Thursday, there's this restaurant opened nearby our working place. Can eat for free.. So got free lunch. At night, went out with Aunty Jolene for a yum cha session at Station One. Free again. Nyam~

Friday, went to slimming centre and got free buffet. Free wine and cheese.. So got free lunch too. At night, don't know eat what..

Saturday, breakfast in Berjaya Hotel. Lunch in Berjaya Hotel. Nyam.. Free again! Wao~ Gain weight lar nowadays! =) Fatter d.. .Haha..
Saturday dinner, "birthday dinner" with some of the friends. Free again.. THANKSSSSS LAI MING!! hahaha.

Sunday, went to have lunch with Pastor Malcolm and Aunty Uma.. Free again... THANKSSS

Save lot of $$ these few days.. LOL.. and earn alot of fats too.. xD


Friday went to overnight in my friends house.. LOL.. Kinda fun to overnight. Become insane and went out to yum cha till almost 12 midnight.. FUN FUN FUN~ hahaha...

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