Thursday, October 28

20 is da DAY

Well I guess it's time for me to post about my BBQ partay! and, some pics...

Those are some of the picture taken from my phone.. I was busy so I do not have lotsa picture but my friends has lotsa it..

That's all for now.. Update soon,,, =)

Wednesday, October 20

Come On Babes & Dudes

Planning for the birthday party.

Hope can see more familiar faces and be happy happy HAPPY! =)

Please do come!

Tuesday, October 19

Small little partay!

Having a BBQ small Birthday Party this coming FRIDAY! =)

For those who wants to come pls do so.. Ask me more for details yea..


Monday, October 18

Random GoGo

Just a very random photo
Just a very random Post
Because I am so Random
So here it goes Random GoGo...

Saturday, October 16

First time and more to come!

I guess this is the first time I did it. Feel nervous about it now!

You see, normally when there's a party or event when we want to choose a friend's house, I would love to ask my friends to come. However, I never do so because of the house is not mine or the house was sooooo SMALL.
This time things are different. I created a Gathering Event for my old school mates and classmates on December! This is the first time I ever dare to ask them to come and first time I asked my mom about it. My sis approved it too. So, I will ask those people to come to my house on December to have party. I am not sure they will be coming or not because I am not very close to them but I do raelly hope the come. =) They are going to pay some RM and my mom is going to prepare the food.

I am moving soon from USJ 5 to somewhere in USJ/Subang Jaya also end of this month. I hope the house is good and big enough for the people. =)
I am really excited and nervous and worried about this. Worried whether they would want to come. I just hope they do..

I might open for another event for small bunch of group of my college mates too in December. =) Well, is going to be fun!


Monday, October 11

Wedding dinner makes me caught the limelight

My blogger header picture seems so retarded wei! 

Although it looks damn retarded but every time I open this blog it makes me laugh because of my retarded-ness! Well, nowadays I took loads of picture. Someone say is for single teenage girl that makes them look silly.. Uhm, am I silly then? Well, as long as I am happy with things, I guess it is okay. If one day I don't like the pictures, I can just delete the whole album. =p 

You know what?!  The day before yesterday was my Puchong house mate brother engaged day. My family and I went to Puchong to have a so called dinner. Well, I wore a nice red dress/gown. When I reach there I saw my friend sister wearing a "blocot" T-shirt and also a jean skirrt only. I was like.. What the... Wear wrong liao Wear wrong liao. When I walk in to the place. Everyone look at me. Damn it! It's not my wedding but I look like I am the one. I stole the limelight. =.=

I went to sit with my friend and her boyfriend says that can I go to change another t-shirt since there mall nearby. . Haha.. LOLness..

Saturday, October 9

Colorless makes sense with tense

It takes time.

It does takes time to change. It takes more than half year and now I am grateful with what I have. ;) Thank God for His care and loves that never fails.

I am fatter.. haha

Monday, October 4

The picture of a past

I have no idea why I like this pictures. I just love it.. =)
Maybe it reminds me of a lot of things. =)