Saturday, October 16

First time and more to come!

I guess this is the first time I did it. Feel nervous about it now!

You see, normally when there's a party or event when we want to choose a friend's house, I would love to ask my friends to come. However, I never do so because of the house is not mine or the house was sooooo SMALL.
This time things are different. I created a Gathering Event for my old school mates and classmates on December! This is the first time I ever dare to ask them to come and first time I asked my mom about it. My sis approved it too. So, I will ask those people to come to my house on December to have party. I am not sure they will be coming or not because I am not very close to them but I do raelly hope the come. =) They are going to pay some RM and my mom is going to prepare the food.

I am moving soon from USJ 5 to somewhere in USJ/Subang Jaya also end of this month. I hope the house is good and big enough for the people. =)
I am really excited and nervous and worried about this. Worried whether they would want to come. I just hope they do..

I might open for another event for small bunch of group of my college mates too in December. =) Well, is going to be fun!


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