Monday, December 9



...Tiny little marks will still be there... 

Monday, November 25

That's All I Can Do For Now

I guess this is what I wanted. I don't know whether what will be in the future. Just wait and hope. That's all I can do for now..

Friday, November 1

Just little thing about you

Little did I know that the feeling is so strong and I wished for it.
It's the tiny little things that you did that makes me what I hope and feel.
Even though I know it's just gonna be what I know it will be, I am just happy have what I have now

Friday, October 11


That moment will always be in my mind and heart forever. It melts my heart and I never expected it.

Monday, September 2

A line

Yes, it's back. The confusion is so strong that I couldn't get out of it. Especially some words that are said out to me. I am stressed and confused. The way that I treated now is making me sick of it. Why do happiness comes and go that fast? Should I make a clearer line or to step ahead the line? It's making me confused.

Wednesday, August 7

Rotten Happiness

As usual the happiness is making me confusing once again. I know that it was a joke. I know that it won't happen but I do want it. I mean if you say it, mean it right? Shouldn't it be? I don't know.
I found out that someone do really know me. When I said something, I guess this person knows what I was referring and let out a smile. Or we might think alike. We face each other and smile at each other.

Monday, August 5

Yet, so far

Yes, I am still longing. I miss that hours of happiness that I had. Everyday, I am just waiting and hoping there is hope. Yet, I am just waiting. The happiness is so near yet so far.

Friday, August 2

I am longing for the next opportunity. . .

Sometimes it will be hours and hours of happiness that you didn't even realize. You feel contented. You feel that you are enjoying every minute of it and hope it doesn't stop. You knew that if it stop, the next day it won't be the same anymore. It might be you, longing, and hoping, but, disappointment will be taking over you.

Wednesday, July 31


Trust. Only myself. My senses should be the most accurate instead of what people are telling.
Differentiate it myself.

Tuesday, July 30

Rants of Random

Yes, indeed it's quite confused at times and dream bout things that I know it won't happen but yet I continued to just letting it taking over me. In deep down on me I know that what I really wanted and what I already have. Yet, I am still debating over myself. I know it's just matter of time that it will soon gone. For now, I am just enjoying the time I have now and also being emotional at things at this point of time. Random, yes, random.

Thursday, July 11

It's tiring, but, I enjoyed!

28th June - 30th June; I will never forget it.

Thursday, May 16

Pushing Off the Limit

In that very minute I was asked "why" with a sarcastic tone. I could just smile and try my best to answer. After that minute, that person smile to you and act like nothing has happen. At times, I have a hard time to blends in together. However, I know, I know that this is the place where everyone try their very best to impress others that have power. Should I join the game? Or, I should be sitting here looking at how they play this game and bet who will win? This is so ridiculous. Why can't they just be peaceful? Why can't they just do their very best on what they should be doing? Power and Fame is the only thing what they need? Winning matters the most? Ridiculous. Ridiculous!

Well, they are not wrong. I am the one who thinks that those are not the matters. For me, earning for a living matters the most. For them, power and fame equals to earning a living too. In a better word, it calls "ambitious". I am too; ambitious. However, I don't pin down on people to make others feel that I am better. I always think that as long as I work hard and do my very best in every part that I needed to; that's all. Sounds easy yet it's difficult though. Being in this place, everyone is pushing themselves. The most powerful person has eyes for those pushed till the very end. Not someone like me, who are weak, without any knowledge, sitting here waiting and waiting.

Friday, March 29

Attention Seeker

The more you want, The more I ignore. :)

Tuesday, March 19

Girls; Heels; Girls

Lately I have been asked to stop wearing heels. Reason being because I fell down from stairs earlier last month. 
Well, I am too obsessed with heels. I can't live without it. So I am asking myself why do I love heels that much nowadays? I don't previously. 
So I've been searching the net wondering why girls like wearing heels and get obsessed with it; just like me. And oh, I came across thousands of answer yet I can't find mine. Some answers really makes me "LOL-ed" so hard. 

For example:
Men like feminine women and high heels are distinctively feminine. Furthermore, they are somewhat restrictive and require an effort to wear, so by wearing them you are making the statement that you are serious about being feminine and perhaps also that you want the man to be masculine.

All clothes including shoes have an inside and an outside. The effect of the outside is what I just described. On the inside heels make the wearer feel beautiful, feminine and perhaps a little fragile and in need of protection. A lot of women enjoy that feeling and a lot of men would like to provide the protection.

Finally, they tone your muscles and make you wiggle your butt very attractively when you walk. They also require more metabolism when you walk so they slim you a little.

High heels can ruin your feet if they do not fit well. I am convinced that they are perfectly safe to wear if they are well made. Listen to your body. If you feel good about your heels, by all means stay on your toes." - yahoo answer.

Those in bold seriously.. Gee! Not true. Well, not for me though! I love wearing heels but I do not intend to want a masculine man. Maybe true for being more feminine since I am so tomboy-ish. The worst part "wiggle your butt very attractively when you walk" I don't do that okay. Wait! Not that I know of. :P 

Anyway, come back to why I love heels that much since I don't really into it last time. Well, I always have this admiration feeling when i shop for normal shoes. I used to "by the way" to take a look on heels, but, never ever try to get one for myself. Also, never thought of wearing it everyday now. Besides, mom really doesn't like me wearing heels because of safety reason. That's why I always just "hi and bye". I don't have the chance until I went Penang few years back and I came across this heels bazaar where I feel in love with their shoes. I tried and showed my mom and she was like "NOOO! Too high." But I insists and showed her how I walked with it. And oh yeah, I bought two pairs of heels with her permission. She strongly says it's only for occasionally purpose. So yeah, occasionally wear it to work. And starts to wear it often-ly and now everyday to work :) And now each time I pass-by any shops selling heels, my eyes automatically glance at it and hope to have it. Now my shoe cabinet is full with it. Mom started to complain that I should stop buying. Well, I have stopped. But I hope to have more. I don't think I have enough yet.  

I am trying to control this love for shoes. Trying Trying trying real hard. I guess one of the reason is because I am short! Seriously people love saying me short! With heels I can be taller. Hahahahahhahaha! The higher the heels, the happier I feel. The below are 2 of collections. They are at least 12cm or more! 

And oh, I bought it online from Agape Boutique. You can click here if your are interested. And I strongly recommend them cause I love wearing their shoes :) 

Tuesday, March 12

Him and HIM

I want to make him feel comfortable with me. Trying very hard. 

Side note - I have the best boyfie on the world. So I have to treat him better

Sunday, February 3

Korean friend

My first Korean friend. A very nice nice friend

Monday, January 28

Thaipusam day

It's a holiday and I make used of it.
Mom and me clean up our cupboard and the fridge! Not to forget we try to cook our bak gua with microwave but failed. So we have to fry it :( but still the taste is good. Better than those squarish one.

Back to work tomorrow.
Feeling a little depressed and stress but I still have to do it cause I choose this road! Must show everyone I can do it and I am happy to do it! All the best sherina!

And oh, I watch Hansel & Gretel yesterday. It's quite violent! Overall it's quite good! Enjoy the whole show with my boyfie and the big combo of popcorn. Hehe!

Saturday, January 26

CNY Mood

Preparing cny decorations :) boyfie help to do the hammering part :)

Tuesday, January 15


My little niece :)
She is cute isn't it? She is 1 month old this 19th January :)

Saturday, January 5

What do you think?

Do I look different now?
This year started with lot of good feedbacks. What do you think? :)

Wednesday, January 2

2013 Resolution

People talking about it while I just smile and, smile.
Just leave it and just try my best to do whatever comes

It's a brand new year

Happy New Year to those who read this.

Finally I bought what I really wanted for so long. Well, I wanted other nicer design but due to I thought it's cheaper I chose this design and regretted after I found out the price was just the same as the other designs!  Ahhh~ Oh well, still something I wanted long ago.

Oh shut up. I know. Just some paperclips but it is something that I really hesitated to buy since 3 months back. They placed it at the Rm3.90 section and I was like so happy because it's going cheaper and the other cuter design was at RM5.90. So I proceed to buy this hanger design and later after I paid, it is RM 5.90.
That's so bad of them placing this at Rm3.90. Seriously although it is only Rm5.90 for people out there I still feel it's not worth it. It's not because I am poor to the extend that I cannot afford to buy this pin, I just feel it's not worth it. Not worth it for something like that. That's why I hesitated. Aiks. Anyway, I still have to just let it go since it's a small matter.

Oh yea, just forget about it and use this paperclips wisely (LOL)

Snapping the first picture of the year with my boyfie car.

Loves is always there for us - sherinasim-menuiq-