Thursday, May 16

Pushing Off the Limit

In that very minute I was asked "why" with a sarcastic tone. I could just smile and try my best to answer. After that minute, that person smile to you and act like nothing has happen. At times, I have a hard time to blends in together. However, I know, I know that this is the place where everyone try their very best to impress others that have power. Should I join the game? Or, I should be sitting here looking at how they play this game and bet who will win? This is so ridiculous. Why can't they just be peaceful? Why can't they just do their very best on what they should be doing? Power and Fame is the only thing what they need? Winning matters the most? Ridiculous. Ridiculous!

Well, they are not wrong. I am the one who thinks that those are not the matters. For me, earning for a living matters the most. For them, power and fame equals to earning a living too. In a better word, it calls "ambitious". I am too; ambitious. However, I don't pin down on people to make others feel that I am better. I always think that as long as I work hard and do my very best in every part that I needed to; that's all. Sounds easy yet it's difficult though. Being in this place, everyone is pushing themselves. The most powerful person has eyes for those pushed till the very end. Not someone like me, who are weak, without any knowledge, sitting here waiting and waiting.

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