Wednesday, December 31


I AM AMAZED BY McDonalds..
My HR manager ask me to call for delivery services..
I called the main line and I was like "wau!!!"

"Hello. McDonald delivery. How can I help you?"
"I want to order FOOD!"
Instead of asking what I want.. She ask me.
"Ok. What is your name?"
"O... Sherina."
"Ok. Ms. Sherin.. Your hp number is 012-xxxxxxx *office de* bukan saya* then you are using 03-8075xxxx. You are from Clara International Beauty Group. Your address is ..........................."
"So hold on for a while. I'll help you to check for the nearest outlets."
"o.. o.. k"
tut tut..

"Sorry miss sherin.. Our IOI is having some technical porblem. We can take order for you at the moment. Sorry ms sherin..."
"o.O ok"
"SOrry BYE"

YENG! Luckily I didn't use my hp call.. If not, later my jaw drop till down the earth!

Tuesday, December 30

Sorry card

I am being too much nowadays...
I know you guys treat me too good~
I really been a terrible mui le..
Because of some sort of reason - not sure you know or not
I became so frustrated nowadays!
Don't know what to say..
I'll try to change by this year..
I promised!!!
Thanks kor kor and sorry kor kor and JOEL GOH



birthday boy

To the one I smsed yesterday night.

been a long time we last chat!!

Monday, December 29


I miss my old hair all of the sudden!
I hate my ugly hair now!

so emo~

Saturday, December 27

Shroom Shroom loves!

Do you know how cute is my boyfriend??!! Oh gosh! I just love his face!!!

Only he will smile like that to me forever!
He will never make me sad..


I love shroom shroom forever!!

As usual, I am bit down now.
Because of yesterday!
I think I am a bit confused now

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Friday, December 26


I am just being random and took this picture before I get out from the car on 24th December 2008.

You can see how bored I am.. LoL... Which pic do you guys prefer? First or Second.. Perhaps I think non of the above. UGLY!!!!


Thank you for the surprise..
Thank you for the shroom shroom.
I love it so much..
Its so cute and I hug it for the whole day!
My mom say I am crazy now.. LOL
Thanks Big kor kor and small kor kor.
Happy happy happy


What can I say?! .... GREAT...

I found my new love! Yes... My new boyfriend!


I think its time to introduce him to everyone..








His name is



.....Shroom Shroom xD

LOL.. This is the christmas gift that I get from the Youth.

Got to THANK

Her name is Mush Mush =) (* birthday that time de*)


Happy happy

And, this I LOVE SO MUCH

This is Joshshroom

Happy Family!

Tuesday, December 23

Me, myself and I

What am I thinking?! Perhaps I am thinking of leaving. =)

No comments!!

Nothing to say anymore..

This is how I look when I just came out from bathroom! LOL.
Ok.. I never syok sendiri with taking pictres and put it in here. This is my first time. LOL. Weird! This black shirt I bought it years ago for CNY but end up yesterday its my first time to wear it. Haha.. Wear BLACK for CNY.. My mom don't like! I like. I love black! What to do...
Anyway, taking pictures to let myself happy a bit.. =)
My phone camera cacated! All pics not nice d.. Cause my friends accidentally drop it then the glass pecah... And camera sot.. So no more nice pics! wuwuwuw

Monday, December 22

MErry christmas

Christmas around the cor-corner... Very soon.
Have you bought presents for your friends and family yet?

Will be going out soon,later for a last christmas shopping.
Not much to buy but not LITTLE too. . sobs sobs..
But anyway..
I feel happy this year I really started to plan giving presents for them..
I am really lazy for lot of stuff and don't really have much $$ for all this things.
This year.. $$ is still problem but, I really want to buy something for them.
No matter is expensive or cheap is not a problem right?
I just want to bless them.
They've been a great friend, sis and BRO to me..
Just a little gifts for them now.

I hope they don't valued it by $$... PLS don't! wuwuwuw...

Although it is not 25th of December.. Let me wished here early..




if I left out someone sorry... merry christmas and happy new year


Just feel like posting.... =)


Now, I'm sick of two things.

1. Ice Cream

But still, tonight got to go IOI AGAIN! Tired.. I want sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep.
I slept very later yesterday!! T.T

Saturday, December 20

Sick again

I am sorry for making everyone worry
Suddenly I became so weak.
I will recover very soon
I promise

Friday, December 19

What will happen if.....

.....we are friends today but we are not tomorrow? care for me today but not tomorrow?

.....I laugh today and cry tomorrow?

.....we are brother and sister today but not tomorrow?

.....I can see only for today and not tomorrow?

.....I am alive today and I died tomorrow?

.....we are family only for today and not tomorrow? talk to me today and ignore me tomorrow? love me today but you hate me tomorrow?

.....I am here today but gone tomorrow???


To me its You,
To You its him.

Thursday, December 18


1. Read the passage carefully
2. Grade yourself with the grading system at the end of the passage after reading.
3. Not that difficult, chin chai do lah !

Section A: Orrler Exeminetion (60 marks)

Singalella why become rich ?

Koo zhar wu chee ay char bor kia, Singalella.

She got two sisters, but the stepmarder and the sisters all damn kuai-lan, so she quite zhia-lat oso.Last time Singalella got own maid, but now she become the amah.

Everyday must cook lah, clean lah, simi sai mah bao-kah-liao.

If her sister say liak kar zhuak, she liak.Tak jit zho kah tau-hin.

EPF poon boh.

But then, kay piak eh ah-pek got one son call Ah Ming got party.

So he say, 'oeh, long chong lai ah.'

Singalella very happy because she never go party before but then her step-marder say, 'Lee Mana eh-sai kee, this one bahru lu eh sisters wu standard.'

Then Singalella must zho sui-sui for her sisters and step-marder.

Tap pai how, buay zhia, buay koon and buay pang-sai.

That night she only can wave bye bye and then she go back to the kitchen and cook Maggi mee.

Her neighbour came over and ask, 'Eh, an-zhua lu boh kee party?'

So Singaalella kong, 'I-wan, lau-bu kong buay-sai, so boh pian.'

She never expect but the neighbour say, 'Aiyah, kee lah, I give you money.'

So singalella brush teef and zhang-zhui, chen-kor, after that look very different.

She quickly run to opposite of the beh-chia-lor, already 11 o'clock.

At the party, Ah Ming also quite sian because the char bor all boh sui one.

Dance floor even got one ah pek dancing.J

ust as Ah Ming told himself, 'Aiyah see-pay zhia-lat', Singalella came in.

Ah Ming straight away lau nuar.

'Wah-lau eh, see-pay heng ah, chee kor buay pai.'

Ah Ming say to Singalella, 'eh, sui eh, wah ai kah lee zho flen!'

Singalella say ok but Ah Ming like octopus, touch here touch there.

But then just it was 12 o'clock, one ah pek die on the dance floor.

He become ghost and tell Singalella all the good 4D number.

So after that Singalella quickly go and buy 4D, and then tiok tau-pio, zhit-pak ban.

So she pay back the kay-piak eh lau-kay-poh and then kah kee cho sen-lee.

Simi kuan eh sen-lee wah mana eh zhai.

Section B: Grades - Gauge Your command of Hokkien....

A1. Can understand the story and pronounce Hokkien correctly.
Hokkien eh sai, bo beh zao.

A2. Can understand half story and/or cannot pronounce Hokkien properly.
zhia lat

E8. Don't understand story and/or catch no ball.
leow leow, mai ka lang kong you is Hokkien Singabolean

F9. Don't understand rating.
kee see lah, wah mana eh zhai lee kong simi?

took at sinyen's blog.
super beh ta han!

Christmas.. Santa?!

Tis the season to be jolly..
Yes, christmas is on d way...
Carols are everywhere!
Is should be jolly right?
Unfortunately, people received the wrong meanings of christmas..
Yesterday, where I am half awake in the car, I heard one of the radio DJ said.
"If there's no Santa then Christmas is meaningless"
And today I heard radio advertisement said " Let us together welcome Santa"
I really don't know what to say!

Wednesday, December 17

A day with laughter

Brother B : What if.. You type it then you print it.... LOL
Brother A : What if.. You type it then you print it then you burn it...

I had a great ride and talk... =)
Yesterday night I sms with donno-who and watch series.. Last Standing! I watch until 12 or 1 a.m.. T.T panda lu today... So tired and having stomach ache adi~

Tuesday, December 16

Saturday 13/12/2008

The red humans~

In front of secret recipe~

Joshua acting yeng for all the pics. =.=

Brother and sister. =)
They are really goooooood BROTHERS~

This is the event had on Saturday at Plaza Mont' Kiara.. I am lazy to tell what really happen.. LAZY! At lease I update something with photo right! So.. BYE~
*I love the last picture so much*


Since Kor ask me not to be lazy and update... SO I update lor...

This happen just now infront of my office.
Just now when I am in my office, I saw two "panas baran" cars.
Malaysia driver..... Haiz.... With all the double parking and all the packed cars there, they still want don't want to give chance! What is this?!
As I expected, "cliiiiiiiiichhhhhhh" these sound came...

I was smiling when I saw both driver came down and "bla bla" there... Then one of the fatty say.. "OKOK, there's a police station there"..

Hey come on lar... The road is so small! There are cars behind both of you. Can you guys just park your car first before arguing and talking out your mobile! I watch at them.. *free show*
Still talking... Then the fatty guy took out his mobile and try to take the other car's picture.. I don't know what for but I know he took it without the owner knewing it...

Then they got to go aside cause there are too many cars there.. Then the fatty guy chao... Left the other guy and a middle guy.. I wonder why the middle guy so "kpc".. Then that "kpc" point here point there.... Then, I feel so sien... Malaysian driver..

All this happened because both side fault but they feel that is the opposite sides... Whatever la.. I still zero knowledge with driving yet.. SO I am still innocent with this.. =p


Lately, I don't really update. Due tooooooooo lazy~

Monday, December 15



Wednesday, December 10



Tuesday, December 9


We are falling down
You lifted us up
We are are thorn and scaterred
You pick us and sew us back.

I am over sensitive to certain things! Yes! I am sensitive. Being a sensitive person hate a lot of things and people around us..
Not to say HATE but just over sensitive.. Ohh goshhhhh what am I trying to say.. Basically..
I feel that I am over sensitive. To certain people.. Certain things...
Arg.. Ok. Ok... I am a bit blur to say this..

anyway.. the verse i put up there is .. tot want help my GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD kor kor with the song.. But i think rubbish again gua~ haiz

Can't face YOU

"Scream or don't" keep repeating in my heart... I am worried what will happened next!

"Just scream then run up" Both of them said....


My heart feel the pain! So pain. Although without knowing whether what they are doing down there I can felt the pain in my heart. I am so worried of someone. Yes! The little girl who always understands me and also another **
I can't control myself thinking of them and also my brother down there. I don't know how he can handle them. And also the two best friend with me at the dark! I am super worried of them and also I am afraid of darkness. One of the bro give me the Ipod to listen. But, its useless. I tried so hard not to cry but I am not so hard hearted.
When I heard little girl screaming my name my tears roll down! I keep on repeating her name in my heart. "*name*.. Sorry. Sorry.." This is what I am saying... Time passes so slow! I feel like just running down.
The other girl who is with me keep on hugging me and comfort me. The tears stop.

When my bro gave us the call...
We knew its time to stop this and we went down. I tried to control myself. But I can't when I saw all the faces.
My best friend went to toilet and I was at the sink. Try to control. But when both brother came and ask me am I ok... Tears rolling down madly! Especially when they touch me and comfort me. I keep on crying. Then the best friend excort me to the santuary! The first one I look for is little girl. When I ask one of the leader, she said little girl don't want to come in yet. I totally know I am so wrong now. Best friend keep on hugging me to comfort me. The brothers keep on asking me whether I am okay or not. When I saw R face I am so pain again! She is worried and she cried... This makes me super uncomfortable!

Then when everyone is there, bro try to wrapped up but problem came.. little girl wants to be alone again. Where arguments came in. Where best friend run away, where I try to explain and things get worst. Where people hurt me madly there! I raise my voice and so on until I feel like this place is not belong to me anymore.

I hate myself for this whole things. I am so sorry!
To everyone.. No matter is who.. I just want to say sorry about this whole things...
I can't forgive myself for this and I can't face myself and also little girl. I hurt her too much. Although we say sorry and everything, I can tell you here that I can't forgive myself for doing this to YOU. I love you too much! I feel guilty when I see your eyes red because of all of us. When you hug me and say just go up and say sorry, everything will be alright, ask me not to cry I feel that I can't face you anymore. I don't even dare to play with you on the next day! I am so guilty for what we came out. This is the first time i REALLY CRIED SO TERRIBLE and can't forgive myself.

To Rwho understand and pass me the tissue box. You are younger than me one day... I love you so much too. Luckily you are not mad with me. I am so glad you change back. Cause when I see your face I am so scare! Sorry once again...

Sorry with all the things... I am so sorry!

*in the other note*
2 different things. i can't control the feelings of me now... Whether I am bad or what but I just can't.. I tried so hard and I cried because I feel I am bad.. But the whole sleepover makes me feel this way~ Sorry, I can't help it...

Now, I need people to talk too.. But definately not *you* yet... sorry...........
I am just trying to let people understand her. Why must I got hurt in the end!

Saturday, December 6

We will make a different!!

Tonight is SLEEPOVER!

Everyone seems to be sick
I hope HE is not sick.
If HE sick, I will be sick
So he better not be sick!
* secret code *

I am sad, I find You
I am lonely, I ask you to walk with me
I am in trouble, I blame You
I am happy, I do not need You
How foolish I am.
You are with me everytime, everywhere.
Whenever I am happy or sad
In trouble or lonely
You are just there for me

I am so foolish to blame You when I am in trouble
I blame that You are not with me
I blame that You don't want to help me
But You are helping me always
Lead me through all the cirumstances
To become stronger than before
Oh Lord, sorry for being a foolish person
Without You, I won't be here today
With You, everything is possible
You create miracles
Thank You Lord for all things that You have done!

I commit everything to You Lord

The sleepover

The carolling

The Christmas Video

Next Year Project

The Youth UNITY

The older Youth

The Younger Youth

The Preteens




will be united and become one body

IT will be a different year in 2009

Thursday, December 4

A day that don't know what to say

Weird! I dream of losing my teeth again and this time is all and I got to do the fake one! Wah... I think is because THAT GABRIEL scare me! Now I can dream of all the teeth coming out and how pain it is! I hate this kind of dream and feelings!

Sleepover so little people! Hope it wil be fun! Yeah!

I got annoyed by someone of his "56537"...
Lala... Just feel la.. Normal thing what!!!

Someone walk out just like that~ I thought I don't care but I do care! And feel like crying!
Can I just totally forget about him. Do he know how hurt its cause to me.

I started to miss "him" .. Not started but long time liao.. When I see all the 74288737 I just smile.. And smile... Oh gosh!

Wo hao xiang ni

Tuesday, December 2

Oh gosh...

Yea. I hope.. yea.. Hope.. And I so KECEWA!
Yea.. I dream of him, yesterday, the day before, the day before before, and last week.. Wah.
I super miss YOU! I am in love? No.. I am crazy!

*Zhao An*