Saturday, December 6

We will make a different!!

Tonight is SLEEPOVER!

Everyone seems to be sick
I hope HE is not sick.
If HE sick, I will be sick
So he better not be sick!
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I am sad, I find You
I am lonely, I ask you to walk with me
I am in trouble, I blame You
I am happy, I do not need You
How foolish I am.
You are with me everytime, everywhere.
Whenever I am happy or sad
In trouble or lonely
You are just there for me

I am so foolish to blame You when I am in trouble
I blame that You are not with me
I blame that You don't want to help me
But You are helping me always
Lead me through all the cirumstances
To become stronger than before
Oh Lord, sorry for being a foolish person
Without You, I won't be here today
With You, everything is possible
You create miracles
Thank You Lord for all things that You have done!

I commit everything to You Lord

The sleepover

The carolling

The Christmas Video

Next Year Project

The Youth UNITY

The older Youth

The Younger Youth

The Preteens




will be united and become one body

IT will be a different year in 2009

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