Thursday, December 4

A day that don't know what to say

Weird! I dream of losing my teeth again and this time is all and I got to do the fake one! Wah... I think is because THAT GABRIEL scare me! Now I can dream of all the teeth coming out and how pain it is! I hate this kind of dream and feelings!

Sleepover so little people! Hope it wil be fun! Yeah!

I got annoyed by someone of his "56537"...
Lala... Just feel la.. Normal thing what!!!

Someone walk out just like that~ I thought I don't care but I do care! And feel like crying!
Can I just totally forget about him. Do he know how hurt its cause to me.

I started to miss "him" .. Not started but long time liao.. When I see all the 74288737 I just smile.. And smile... Oh gosh!

Wo hao xiang ni

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