Tuesday, December 16


Since Kor ask me not to be lazy and update... SO I update lor...

This happen just now infront of my office.
Just now when I am in my office, I saw two "panas baran" cars.
Malaysia driver..... Haiz.... With all the double parking and all the packed cars there, they still want don't want to give chance! What is this?!
As I expected, "cliiiiiiiiichhhhhhh" these sound came...

I was smiling when I saw both driver came down and "bla bla" there... Then one of the fatty say.. "OKOK, there's a police station there"..

Hey come on lar... The road is so small! There are cars behind both of you. Can you guys just park your car first before arguing and talking out your mobile! I watch at them.. *free show*
Still talking... Then the fatty guy took out his mobile and try to take the other car's picture.. I don't know what for but I know he took it without the owner knewing it...

Then they got to go aside cause there are too many cars there.. Then the fatty guy chao... Left the other guy and a middle guy.. I wonder why the middle guy so "kpc".. Then that "kpc" point here point there.... Then, I feel so sien... Malaysian driver..

All this happened because both side fault but they feel that is the opposite sides... Whatever la.. I still zero knowledge with driving yet.. SO I am still innocent with this.. =p

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