Thursday, July 31

Thank you Lord

Thank You Lord

Hate sickness. Sick makes me terrible. Dizzy, tired, difficult to breath, coughing, sore throat and etc. Why I'm sick at this time? Is there a purpose? Everything that God plan, there's a purpose. So, I am sick for a purpose? Maybe God wants to me to become stronger? I do not know. I'll really hope that God can give me all the answer that I ask. I know God loves me so much. Whatever I asked he gave! I knew it. I experienced! I remember I said that I want something, God gave. However, please do not misunderstand. Do not believe in him when you need something. Believe in him all the time. Really. I admit, sometimes I forget that I am having a great God. Yes I do forget him in times. However, I'm getting not-so-forgetful bout Him now. Everything that I do now, mostly, I will give thanks to Him. Because of Him, I am in this world. Sometimes, I feel that I am not so sincere. I hope I can be more sincere! He deserves all the glory! Really. Without him, I do not know what am I now. Thank You God for your love, protection and everything that you have given me. Thank You Lord. I won't be discourage because of sickness.

Now, I am lost. I do not know what to do. Thinking and thinking over and over again! Oh Lord, show me a way! So that my future will be better!

Wednesday, July 30

2 little things ; happy and praying

2 little things ; happy and praying

I saw you in front of me

Looking deep into your eyes; sparkling
You're funny
Playing here and there with him
I just can't stop smiling
You killed me.


I want to be
a person that are different from who i am now
can i?
I prayed as hard as i can.
Praying and always pray!


I was lost for two days. Nah.. I was sick.. As usual; the sickness; flucoughfever. went to see Dr. Chin; Yingyi's uncle. He kind of forgotten me. I am the one who always came to see you!!! xD
You know what?! I went in just for around 1 minutes = 60 seconds. So fast! You guess how much that 60 seconds cost?? RM 36.. Wo wo~ That's so scary!! N the medicine that he gave, really make me sick. I hate medicine!! Help. Why must I sick at this time!! *sobz* (Medication fees claim back d.. xD)

This two days was in the house watching series and sleep. This is what I do. Nothing else. Finished my Tka and now watching x-family back. Haiz.. My mom scolded me for becoming a tv addict. xD..

Friday, July 25

To see the right me


What do you think with this pic.. I just look so not nice~ T.T

Thursday, July 24

Good morning?!

I'm was dreaming of You when I'm looking at the tiles
I was hoping to see You.
I was surprise when You open the door and came in
I was shocked to see you in reality
It should not happen
it happen.
Even though just a GOOD MORNING,
it makes me feel happy.
Even though just a few second to see You
I'm satisfied.

I can't really differentiate whether its a
a reality.

I tried to go down and peep for you
I can't find YOU.

Can you tell me its a dream or its real??

Title: Good Morning?!

Wednesday, July 23


Sorry.. My blog become super white rite? haha.. will be ok tomorrow.. I was changing the layout then now.. Need time to fixed it back~~ xD.. C ya~~

Tuesday, July 22

Short post of mine~

Welcome back to Malaysia.. haha.. Gab was back at 5.45 a.m. o.O haha
I'm excited because... I watching They kissed again/it started with a kiss 2. O.o I like it.. I just watch 1st epi and I can't stop laughing.. At least now my mood is ok than the few days.. xD

I create another blog. Farenheit layout.. Woo hoo... I'm a bit crazy d... Haha.. Now, I'm busy helping Ying Yi changing the layout.. Still haven't found any nciee de.. Haha.. Will find soon.

Monday, July 21


There are not many post this few weeks.. I do not know what to post..
Ok.. Gabriel coming back tomorrow... So fast it has been a year.. Many things happen in this year.. Really unexpected that I am still here, with the youth. I taught that when gab went to aus a year before, it will be the last time to meet him. But now, I m still here, holding on, trying so hard to live and in just a zap of time he is back. I still remember before he went to aus, I was having some problems that could not solve. Now he coming back, and still, the problem is there; bigger, with more complicated...

Ok.. I'm going to fast something.. PS... not going to play it for 4o days? Er.. Hope can lar...
Currently watching the X-Family. Starring Jiro! So cute!! Chun is in too but not coming out so fast.. Its a funny show.. However, yesterday when I watch this show, I was crying. Sweat right? Ya! I was crying. My tears.. Roll down. There are some parts really make me cry. But yesterday I know that its not the show. Its myself. I was down the whole day yesterday after church. Really down. I came back with full of thoughts. I was thinking of someone that in the church going to do something already. My friend, Wilson, too doing something. All of them trying so hard to achieve their goals in their life. But, I am still here listening to people giving instruction. They ask me to go for study, then I listened. Now, There's no news anymore. That's mean no more. I also followed. Can I really do what I want? I don't think so. That's why yesterday when I watch the show I was crying. i was seeing the cast, the people, they can do what they really wants. But Sherina still hanging there doing the same routine that she dislike. She has no choice but to obey. She listened and followed. This is what she can do. I want to do something that is different. Something that I like. something that I am happy when I am doing it. Will there be any possibility? What I can do now is pray to our Lord, Jesus. TO show me a way~
Yesterday night, while I am still in a down mood, I listened to some songs and tidy my stuff. Feel a bit relaxing. After that I went to take a bath. Then I done some writings in 'knowing Christ'. Then I sleep.
Today, I might be in the same situation but I am sure that the Lord is doing some miracle things around me that I can't see but I will soon see it.

Wednesday, July 16

Just my feelings

Head=heavy, eyes=tired & heavy, body=weak.
I slept around 2 yesterday/this morning. Weak immune system makes me terrible. Not even a part of my body is ok now. Everywhere seems to be tired, heavy, weak and stuff. My brain can't really function now.
I am writing stories for readers and now my fantasy world had become black and white world.
Now I got a test for you guys. Try to close your eyes and tell me what colour can you see? Black? I taught is white? White? I taught is black? I can see red colour too. Even yellow. If you can't see any red or yellow, that's mean you are abnormal.. haha~ zNoz..... I am the abnormaline *I think*.
I can't go to my fantasy world now. I close my eyes I just see things that I am not familiar with it. I can only see colours.

I'm still wondering whether to go or not to go. *Saturday* I'm still waiting an answer from 'youknowwhoyouare' (this is how she refer me and now i refer to her).. I am tired and totally sick of someone who really make both of us mad at her and I really don't want to take in charge in everything (actually she dislike me to take in charge in ANYTHING. So what am I here for)..
Even though she is my best friend but I do think the other one is the one who should be in this place. Ya right, she is busy with her 'something' this year and stuff but you can still consider her. Why straight away put another friend of mine to be in this place. Sis my friend say she still willing to help even though she is busy. She said she can back up for the 'bear'. So why you still want to change another friend of mine to be in this place. Do you think she really suit in this place. Think twice.

saying something behind u here is a not a good attitude. But i am not really talk behind u. If u wants to read this so go ahead. If i really wants to hide all my feeling. I will just burst~~~~

Tuesday, July 15

Just missing someone deeply

It has been 1 week
I'm so sad
I hope to see you
I get disappointed when I saw you in no-where
I just hope that you are there.
Where have you been
Have you not back to normal
I'm wondering

just a small short updates

I just finish my food.. *burp* sorry~~ xD It cost me Rm3.00 for this food. Nowadays, where can you find Rm 3.00 lunch/food. I bought 'chap fan' = economy/economic rice. *scratching head* (is that what they call?) with 1 egg 'ho pau tan' = 'mata kerbau' where I only got one eye~~ and 'fan cheong' = pig intestine *i think so* @.@ and soap.... Oops.. I mean soup! So all this cost Rm3.00. The rice is little. Luckily I got a big packet of free soup. If not I will still hungry. So, Now, I am full~

Oh gosh. I realize my English getting terrible. T_____T. Sis Lai Ming said my English really BAD... T_________T I'm not like that last time. I don't know why nowadays my English getting bad. I'm so sad... So now, I got to read more books and novels and watch more DRAMA.. Drama? I should not but I can't control myself.. xD... hahhahaha..

I currently playing an outdated game! DIGIMON.. wahahahha.. PS... Childish hor? But I like it.. It is just so FUN! Mommy playing Bomberman. xD.. Chun le my mom~~ xD xd xD She already break the record.. 50 stage all clear. She stop liao now. Cause she said so bored. haha.. So chuin le.. Haahaha....

I am up with second story~~ xD

Monday, July 14


I'm sure we are friends.
We have the same thinking.
You taught it was you
I taught it was me
What a coincidence.
I just want to let you know
It will never be you.
I'm sorry if you really misunderstand me.

Hey, I'm giving up my fanfic. I can't really think and keep writing rubbish. I think I will do something else. Anyway, as I mentioned up there,. Yup. There are some misunderstanding stuff between me and 'someone'. In my earlier post, I was writing someone else but she taught is her. So I am so guilty and I misunderstand something too. HaHa.. So funny!
Mo0ostly Monday I will write longer post but today seems like nothing to say. Cause I'm still in a not-so-good mood.

You know I know

Thursday, July 10


finish my fanfic to chapter 8. Don't know what I written also. My stories like go so far already. hmmm...
Nothing to say much nowadays... jUSt

We're friends.
Forever friends
Even there's circumstances
we need to overcome it together.

You know I'm talking to whom.
Thanks for being my friend

Wednesday, July 9


I'm at bumble bee now. I update my fanfic again.. At last.. They meet. Very funny la my fanfic.. hahahaha

Nothing much, just want you guys to read and support my fanfic.. tata

Tuesday, July 8

Just a bit

Thank you to someone for advised~~
Thank you so much~
Thank you Ying Yi for ur support too~~
love u so much yy~~

be a better girl

Give up???!

I just want to says that,
I'm not stupid. I understand.
Just my heart still can stuff in some place for this things.
So I just keep my mouth shut.
I'm not the one who wants to confront people ;
as I said before..
If one day I confront someone
That's it!
I know I should not say all this things to hurt anyone.
I write all this,
Say all this,
Is because,
I can't find a better place to tell.
I want to find someone to talk to,
seems like she and she is busy with their own thing.
Besides both of the she,
I can't trust anyone.
So this is a better place.
I need to release.
That's why I release it here.
After I release I felt better
I know you knew.
I just kept quiet
I not going to say what all this is about.
You're smart aren't you.
I've test you
and I get my answer.
I'm one of the human who are *******
So I can feel it.
To someone that think its you.


I'm sorry this few day all the post is like a bit not so good post.. I'm so sorry, I just can't keep it anymore. Friday my post is bout my sister. N now, friends. This is the reason why I become another different Sherina. Or maybe back to the one I used to be. Last time, I think I'm like that. but, the youth really changed me a lot. I got the joy again. But now, seems like even the youth can't give me back this joy. Maybe some of them. But.. I don't know what to say.
I taught its just a coincidence. But seems like not. Maybe, I'm the one taught I understand you. But. actually no. I give up. I not going to waste anytime. Give up.

Monday, July 7

Another cried happen,,

Now, another post of mine.

just hang up,,,
Ok. i getting more and more stuff to worried. Got to find $$ now. I taught I let go my sis case but now, there's another or more stuff waiting for me!
However, I need to keep it for my own self. I have no one to turn and talk to. I'm lost of direction again. And again, I'm tired. Really tired. Tears are holding back yet. Not a single drop dropped. why. again. things happen to me. can. i. escape. from. all. this.

I really want to give up on everything. I think I need time to rest. but I've no time at all to rest. can I go back to my childhood time. Where I can ignore everything and just play with my friend. Ok.. maybe back to the time where I'm a baby that don't know anything at all. Because when I started to grow, everything seems so not right for me.
Sometimes I felt that I am bad luck baby who brings bad luck to my mom.
I know I am Christian now, I should not think this.... I really don't know what to do now. Why must I make decision? Why can't I leave it everything to someone else?

Ok. Tears dropping, rolling down. can't control it anymore.. suffering now. Sherina can't keep her feelings now. Ok.. I really don't know how now. Why must things turn up not like what I think? Pls help me~~~~

Understood and changed

To a few people.
1. My best best sis! Thanks for encouraging me on Friday went I am sad.. Thanks that you chat with me in sms. My little naughty piggy girl. ^^Ying Yi^^
2. Thank you ^^Evelyn^^ for supporting. I'm ok now..
3. My kor. ^^Gabriel^^.I'll try to pull myself together back. I'LL TRY~ Don't worry about me. I'm ok now.

I'm back to normal now. I'm so touched when I saw 3 of you write something in my chatbox to encourage me. My eyes was full with tears went I saw it. But.. don't worry... I'm ok.. Those tears is appreciation tears. Not sadness tears.. I try not to think all those things now. Even though it hurts me so deep but,... I'll just ignore it, or, put it in somewhere else first.
To 2 person:
I've enough things to trouble. I'll just leave your things to yourself.
I want to know because I'm concern.
You want to keep it so I let it to You.
I'm just too tired for anything
Do you know that I'm more tired than you.
I'm so tired. But I just don't want to show.
I'm so so so pain.
But I leave it to myself.
I'm just trying to help
If you don't want
Its ok...
I'll just going to be a bit selfish now.
Sorry.. I might a bit rude here
But I can't just concern for you.

Yesterday Chee Meng should fetch me but I waited for half hour outside my house and he still did not turn up. I've call him but no one pick up. At last, Uncle Chris fetch me. I sms Chee Meng and inform him. I was kinda not happy with that. I waited for him and he didn't give a call. However, my unhappiness towards him gone after he sms me and said he is sick and he said SORRY. So I just forget about it. Now I realize a SORRY really very important! This word "SORRY" really help to release my anger and unhappiness. I hope there's no next time. Ok Chee Meng?? ^^ May our Lord heal you, protect you and also bless you. May our Lord bring you back to action again!

Yesterday went to eat Shabu Sahbu with the YWAM.. I order couple set with someone.. Want to know who?? I'm not going to tell. Its secret! NYAM NYAM~~

Friday, July 4

cried.. i want to stop!

Fanfic up to chapter 5~~

My eyes super pain today.. I cried yesterday~ I kind of argue with my mom and raise my voice.. Ok.. Not argue la.. Just angry.. Um.. I went to "tai ma" yesterday to buy food for mom with Ni jie~ I saw my brother in law. But then I did not call him. I just pass by. My mom ask me whether saw him or not. I say yes. She asked " got call him or not?" I said no. I was thinking why must I call him. I need to respect him? So sorry! I WILL NEVER RESPECT THIS KIND OF PERSON!! He din even respect my mom! His wife is my mom daughter! I will never forget how he treat my mom. I still remember my mom knew that 'she' and him working at 'tai ma'. I remember one day. when I come back from school, my mom say asked me to get ready and want to go to 'tai ma' to see her daughter! We went there and they are not there! They start their business at night! So my mom and I both went back. After that. We go again at 6 or 7 something! We saw 'her' husband. she's not there. My mom really miss them so deeply. My mom approach him and guess what! She call my mom to get lost! What in the world? he said "Just forget you got this daughter! She doesn't want to see you. Just get away!" Excuse me. Mable! You are my mom's daughter! How could your husband say such things to my mom! Do you know in this few years she's been praying to see you back. To see you! Because mommy say she want the land to give me you don't want this mom! You can hate me! But not mommy! You're so terrible. why must you treat mommy like that! after my mom heard this she really sad. she started to cry in front of him! he ask my mom to go and don't cry in front of him. "if you want to cry, please go to to somewhere else to cry. NOT HERE!"
I drag my mom! I feel like scolding him. but I just don't want care! i drag my mom and ask her to leave. ITS RAINING on that day! My mom and me was so wet. We goes to one of the pondok nearby. She still crying. I told my mom "Can we go back. Don't come here anymore. Ok?" At last she went back with me. Then She is ok. but for sure there's a thorn in her heart. Then time passes by. I taught everything will be back to normal. Unfortunately no!
That guy came to the place where my mom work. He call my mom "auntie" What in the world! my mom is kind of "soft heart" people. And because of her daughter, she will just forgive the incident happen. But for me, I will never forget! He came to find my mom because he want to help my mom.. (this is what he said la... For me.. its not help!) He ask my mom to start a stall at the place where my mom work. Strawberry. He said can earn more. i tell you what! I don't like my mom to start a stall. Imagine, Your salary is not stable. sometimes good sometimes bad.. For me work in strawberry is better than start own biz. But my mom listen to him. I did told my mom that its not so good. She didn't listen! So, she resign from the boss, start her biz, he teach her how to fried carrot cake. What happen next? No biz. People here doesn't like the way my mom fried the carrot cake. My mom is PENANG STYLE. or maybe not nice. So biz drop.. Then? my mom still continue.. until really can die! So she went to find him at the place he work. Told him biz is bad. you know what he answer? He said if the biz is bad, so close it and work back for your boss la. "What you want me to do. You're the one who start the biz." Even my sis say those things to me. She said my mom wants to open so they help. (yes.. she did call me and talk to me. she call me.. i don have her number. Only that guy call her to call me if i want to talk to her, i forgotten whether she got talk to my mom! . ) So, my mom said to him, if she close that stall then how she survive. N the boss hired another fellow. So what she need to do. "Non of my business." wah!!!!!!!! I really hated them.. My mom cry again! So, same thing, he ask my mom to go away. He need to do his biz, so he ask us to go.. I dragged my mom for the second time! n rain again! Arghhh.. Go to the pondok again. looking at my mom again. People who passes by ask what happen. Then my mom cry more and more. N told them.. They felt the pity~ness.... They asked my mom to forget them. My mom say, there will be no more third time.. She said NEVER.. After that incident he didn't turn up. But after.. don noe how long. He find us again. Just talk to my mom.. That's all. My mom still talk to him. As I said, her heart really is a "soft heart". then I changed hp number, my mom also. Then.......................................
I think I not going to say anymore.. Cause the more i talk bout this my tears started to roll down..
I just want to say, My heart pain. Really! thanks to them. If not because of them, all 'this things' won't happen. Because of them we get in deep trouble.
So yesterday....
My mom say why I like that. Must respect people. Actually I still got their number. But I didn't tell my mom. Yesterday I told. She said why I like that. Mable is her daughter. After hearing this. I really angry and I try to calm down but I raise my voice. "Mommy! Two times! Its two times, Raining! You remember!! How I dragged you and you don't want to go home! YOU REMEMBER." N i started to cry.. Auntie, siow fong and Ni jie is there. I know I am not right but I just can't control! I went to wash the plates and I throw the spoon on the sink. My mom raise her voice too. "Sherina! Enough" Then she said softly. "Let it go la.. You're a Christian! Forgive and forget. i forget d so u must! ok?" They look at me. N i keep crying. She didn't scold me. She just said nicely.. I just say ok
I know my mom never know that how that 2 incident gives me those pain! My mom never know that I keep it in my heart for so long. Now, I still keep it in the heart. My tears still rolling down... Just can't stop it. Its pain! i'll try to forgive and forget but I don't know I can make it. I just try my best. I know my mom was shocked with how I react yesterday. I never show it. even on the day of incident I din even cry!
17 + years. No happiness at all.Why like that... No happiness, No father!(i also dont want this kind of father). No brother(supposedly i got 1 but has been sold to someone by my own father), no sister (got but now no.. we different dad) no friends...]

Thursday, July 3

To poh yee 2/07/2008

To this little girl; Kam Poh Yee that owe me an ice cream for ages..
Just want to wish you


Let me sing a song to little girl..

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you
happy Birthday to POH YEE
Happy Birthday to you!

Scariest creature on earth

Humans are the most scariest creature in the world.
Its the scariest!
They can changed whenever they want
They can laugh and joke with you in a minute
But in the other minute they can kill you.
we cannot predict what will happen.
They are just so scary
They can back stab you
When they are with you
They just say
"we are friends. forever best friend.really. i mean it. we are friends forever ok?"
"I'm so lucky that I've a friend like you"
I just don't understand.
Why humans are like that.

Some of you might think. what happen to Sherina. Anyone hurt her again. Her best friend?..
ok.. Nope. Sherina is ok. Her best friend did not hurt her. And, Sherina's best friend will never do this to her. So, why did I bring up this post? I just wondering.. I think each of us had some friends that put a mask on their face. YA! MASK. Actually not only your friend but you too. Yes, i mean everyone. Even me! I do put my mask on sometimes. When I am sad especially. I will try my best to show my friends that I am happy but I always failed! Sometimes I do put my mask when in front with the people that I don't really like. But tell you the truth, I just failed! People know that I am not happy with them. I wonder why. My mask *ciplak*?? Maybe. So, since my mask is not good quality, people around me know my feelings and end up they dislike me. I know I'm bad. I should not show it but I just can keep it in my heart. Maybe some of you might say why don't I just confront that person. Nah.. I don't like to confront! If I really confront those people, hah! I going to fire them instead of talk to them. ya. I'm a super bad temper people. I use to fire people easily last time. But now, I not use to that anymore. I'll keep it in my heart. However, my heart space is limited. My heart is so small. How to keep all those things. So if my heart is full then,, haha,, you'll get it. So am I scary? I think I am. That's why I say! Humans are the scariest creature on earth. But not only me who act like that. Some are worst than me. Really. I've been a human in this earth for 17 years ++. I've been traveling from states to states. I got lot of friends. I've encounter it. Those friend are fake friends. The USED me. So I REALLY UNDERSTAND THOSE HUMANS. Some are smart and you never realize. And when you realize, I tell you, your heart break into millions pieces. You will just NEVER understand why they did this to you. Pain. Ya.. Really pain.

Got mood (on ice??)

Hohoho... Today I'm happy. Happy.. Want to know why.. Ok.. I'll tell! I'm happy because... I... am happy.. LAME.. Its a secret.. So I can't tell. xD.. Only I know why... xD Bad huh? I know.. xD

My fanfic now goes to chapter 4.. My grammar really terrible.. Haiyoyo.. I wonder how I can get A in UPSR, PMR, And A1 in my SPM. xD Anyway... For those who are too free, nothing to do, feel that they want to read something to let the times pass, want to see my bored stories or anything.... Feel free to click under ~~my loved ones~~.. ~my stories~ to read.. Or click this to read. Haha.. After finish reading. Pls drop a comment to let me know how to improve it. I got to thks Princess for reading my fanfic. PRINCESS. I know who are you. Now I got a secret code guy and a secret code girl.. xD Pls continue to support me and drop comments in my fanfic comments page.. hahaz..

Here, I want to promote some nice series. er..
Forensic heroes 2 is BEST.
HanaKimi is BEZT! (even though is long d)
Money maker recipe is nice
It started with a kiss is good~ (long d lu)
They kissed again is a must watch (i not yet watch)
The Seventh Day

I know I've been telling all this for 'much' times (uncountable times). Anyway, its really nice. For those haven't watch those series I mentioned. Pls watch it. Some very touching one such as TSD! T.T cried until.. SObz.. Some are funny.. Laugh until tummy pain.. hehe..

Oh ya.. Yesterday I had few dream. The one I can remember is with the youth. This time is mostly the older ones. I saw those older ones, a new girl, and 2 more girls that I know (can't remember who's that. They look beautiful.. i taught is sasa and yiyi in the dream. after I woke up I don't think is them.) I really hope the dream can come true cause we play happily.. N we don't have any border between us. Why I dream this? Is that because its going to happen soon? Or I dream this because I want this to happen. Since in reality can't happen then I dream? But there's a new girl. Who's that? Hmmm.. Anyway, I had another dream with.. (ahem) not going to tell. I think due to I dream to much in reality so I dream this.. (pls don't think somewhere else. For sure its not like what you think. )

Sasa. The prince that you said for sure won't happen. Because HE will never be my prince and I don't want him to be my prince! xD like you said. One day, there will be one for me. I hope so. But for sure is not him. My mom really need a son-in-law. Haiz.. Where can I find one. She is more desperate than me. haha...

Noticed my post topic? Haha.. because yesterday I'm on fire. So today I'm on ice... xD

To my best friend;
I want to tell you something
But I'm afraid.
Not because you can't keep
Just afraid..

Dream Dream Dream

Wednesday, July 2


Ok.. Now I am at bumble bee.. Online! Dou Wei saw my short hair..T.T so haiz... Today no practice... Cause its Uncle chris.. Then work in bumble bee until 10.. Wah.. sei tak yan lor..

Ying Yi so sui ler.. She don wan bring me play wii!
T.T why she like that wan.. haha... I know she just fooling around me la.. Want to play!! But don noe got transport or not le..

My fan fiction... WHO IS PRINCESS? I still don't know.. I tot is someone I know...Who is that o.

NO MOOD! (on fire)

Started fanfic yesterday. Finish 2 chaps.. Today I did another chap.. Kinda boring my story! T.T

Haiz.. I got a news.. Today I need to help in bumble bee. I don't want. Today really don't want. Haiz.. Don't know what to say.
Suddenly feel so no mood! Really no mood at all..

Today also don't know got practice or not. haiz!

Tuesday, July 1


You need to have confident
Do not give any excuses anymore
Go for it
I know you can!

Love is wonderful?
How do you know?
How wonderful can it be?
I taught it just full of pain?

How to make a person to love you?
Anyone knows?
i don't know
Don't ask me.

I need an answer.
You are so different from anyone else
What are you hiding?
Please come out from your shell!

I'm waiting the right time
to tell you
The right thing
that I want to tell..

Do not be afraid
I will be with you
This is what I hope to hear
from YOU

No inspiration,
comes out crap-pi~tion.

Hope for better

Today might be a better day for me. Don't know why but I feel better. Thank to Him. (JESUS). its 1st of July. Hope July will be better month for me. Since its July. 'Someone' coming back soon. It just like yesterday he go Australia.. Time passes so FAST. Hmmm.. Oh ya.. That someone is BRIEL BRIEL KOR KOR. yeee~ sounds so*********** xD.. haha.. I don't think he will see this.. So its ok.. xD..

I want a day to rest. Play. Go out with friends and EAT! Then I want to go for my goals! Talk with one of my best friend yesterday. She was 'advising' me. Thank you to her. I'm now wake up from my dream. It will remain a dream if I don't wake up and do something to make this dream come true. So I should go for it.. But... I don't know how.. So maybe go courses first ba.. hehe.. See what to do.. I know if I don't give up, I will achieve!

Yesterday watch Forensic Heroes until ep 5.. WOo.. So nice. Watch until don't want to sleep. mommy say cannot..But nevermind.. Today I will continue.. hehe... And I play ps! Wahahaha.
Today is Tuesday. Tomorrow got practice. Need to go. I sing alone. Kal is playing drum. nvm. Sunday i will not be alone. xD