Tuesday, July 1

Hope for better

Today might be a better day for me. Don't know why but I feel better. Thank to Him. (JESUS). its 1st of July. Hope July will be better month for me. Since its July. 'Someone' coming back soon. It just like yesterday he go Australia.. Time passes so FAST. Hmmm.. Oh ya.. That someone is BRIEL BRIEL KOR KOR. yeee~ sounds so*********** xD.. haha.. I don't think he will see this.. So its ok.. xD..

I want a day to rest. Play. Go out with friends and EAT! Then I want to go for my goals! Talk with one of my best friend yesterday. She was 'advising' me. Thank you to her. I'm now wake up from my dream. It will remain a dream if I don't wake up and do something to make this dream come true. So I should go for it.. But... I don't know how.. So maybe go courses first ba.. hehe.. See what to do.. I know if I don't give up, I will achieve!

Yesterday watch Forensic Heroes until ep 5.. WOo.. So nice. Watch until don't want to sleep. mommy say cannot..But nevermind.. Today I will continue.. hehe... And I play ps! Wahahaha.
Today is Tuesday. Tomorrow got practice. Need to go. I sing alone. Kal is playing drum. nvm. Sunday i will not be alone. xD

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