Tuesday, July 8

Give up???!

I just want to says that,
I'm not stupid. I understand.
Just my heart still can stuff in some place for this things.
So I just keep my mouth shut.
I'm not the one who wants to confront people ;
as I said before..
If one day I confront someone
That's it!
I know I should not say all this things to hurt anyone.
I write all this,
Say all this,
Is because,
I can't find a better place to tell.
I want to find someone to talk to,
seems like she and she is busy with their own thing.
Besides both of the she,
I can't trust anyone.
So this is a better place.
I need to release.
That's why I release it here.
After I release I felt better
I know you knew.
I just kept quiet
I not going to say what all this is about.
You're smart aren't you.
I've test you
and I get my answer.
I'm one of the human who are *******
So I can feel it.
To someone that think its you.


I'm sorry this few day all the post is like a bit not so good post.. I'm so sorry, I just can't keep it anymore. Friday my post is bout my sister. N now, friends. This is the reason why I become another different Sherina. Or maybe back to the one I used to be. Last time, I think I'm like that. but, the youth really changed me a lot. I got the joy again. But now, seems like even the youth can't give me back this joy. Maybe some of them. But.. I don't know what to say.
I taught its just a coincidence. But seems like not. Maybe, I'm the one taught I understand you. But. actually no. I give up. I not going to waste anytime. Give up.

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