Wednesday, July 30


I was lost for two days. Nah.. I was sick.. As usual; the sickness; flucoughfever. went to see Dr. Chin; Yingyi's uncle. He kind of forgotten me. I am the one who always came to see you!!! xD
You know what?! I went in just for around 1 minutes = 60 seconds. So fast! You guess how much that 60 seconds cost?? RM 36.. Wo wo~ That's so scary!! N the medicine that he gave, really make me sick. I hate medicine!! Help. Why must I sick at this time!! *sobz* (Medication fees claim back d.. xD)

This two days was in the house watching series and sleep. This is what I do. Nothing else. Finished my Tka and now watching x-family back. Haiz.. My mom scolded me for becoming a tv addict. xD..

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