Monday, July 7

Another cried happen,,

Now, another post of mine.

just hang up,,,
Ok. i getting more and more stuff to worried. Got to find $$ now. I taught I let go my sis case but now, there's another or more stuff waiting for me!
However, I need to keep it for my own self. I have no one to turn and talk to. I'm lost of direction again. And again, I'm tired. Really tired. Tears are holding back yet. Not a single drop dropped. why. again. things happen to me. can. i. escape. from. all. this.

I really want to give up on everything. I think I need time to rest. but I've no time at all to rest. can I go back to my childhood time. Where I can ignore everything and just play with my friend. Ok.. maybe back to the time where I'm a baby that don't know anything at all. Because when I started to grow, everything seems so not right for me.
Sometimes I felt that I am bad luck baby who brings bad luck to my mom.
I know I am Christian now, I should not think this.... I really don't know what to do now. Why must I make decision? Why can't I leave it everything to someone else?

Ok. Tears dropping, rolling down. can't control it anymore.. suffering now. Sherina can't keep her feelings now. Ok.. I really don't know how now. Why must things turn up not like what I think? Pls help me~~~~

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