Monday, July 14


I'm sure we are friends.
We have the same thinking.
You taught it was you
I taught it was me
What a coincidence.
I just want to let you know
It will never be you.
I'm sorry if you really misunderstand me.

Hey, I'm giving up my fanfic. I can't really think and keep writing rubbish. I think I will do something else. Anyway, as I mentioned up there,. Yup. There are some misunderstanding stuff between me and 'someone'. In my earlier post, I was writing someone else but she taught is her. So I am so guilty and I misunderstand something too. HaHa.. So funny!
Mo0ostly Monday I will write longer post but today seems like nothing to say. Cause I'm still in a not-so-good mood.

You know I know

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