Monday, July 7

Understood and changed

To a few people.
1. My best best sis! Thanks for encouraging me on Friday went I am sad.. Thanks that you chat with me in sms. My little naughty piggy girl. ^^Ying Yi^^
2. Thank you ^^Evelyn^^ for supporting. I'm ok now..
3. My kor. ^^Gabriel^^.I'll try to pull myself together back. I'LL TRY~ Don't worry about me. I'm ok now.

I'm back to normal now. I'm so touched when I saw 3 of you write something in my chatbox to encourage me. My eyes was full with tears went I saw it. But.. don't worry... I'm ok.. Those tears is appreciation tears. Not sadness tears.. I try not to think all those things now. Even though it hurts me so deep but,... I'll just ignore it, or, put it in somewhere else first.
To 2 person:
I've enough things to trouble. I'll just leave your things to yourself.
I want to know because I'm concern.
You want to keep it so I let it to You.
I'm just too tired for anything
Do you know that I'm more tired than you.
I'm so tired. But I just don't want to show.
I'm so so so pain.
But I leave it to myself.
I'm just trying to help
If you don't want
Its ok...
I'll just going to be a bit selfish now.
Sorry.. I might a bit rude here
But I can't just concern for you.

Yesterday Chee Meng should fetch me but I waited for half hour outside my house and he still did not turn up. I've call him but no one pick up. At last, Uncle Chris fetch me. I sms Chee Meng and inform him. I was kinda not happy with that. I waited for him and he didn't give a call. However, my unhappiness towards him gone after he sms me and said he is sick and he said SORRY. So I just forget about it. Now I realize a SORRY really very important! This word "SORRY" really help to release my anger and unhappiness. I hope there's no next time. Ok Chee Meng?? ^^ May our Lord heal you, protect you and also bless you. May our Lord bring you back to action again!

Yesterday went to eat Shabu Sahbu with the YWAM.. I order couple set with someone.. Want to know who?? I'm not going to tell. Its secret! NYAM NYAM~~

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