Tuesday, July 15

just a small short updates

I just finish my food.. *burp* sorry~~ xD It cost me Rm3.00 for this food. Nowadays, where can you find Rm 3.00 lunch/food. I bought 'chap fan' = economy/economic rice. *scratching head* (is that what they call?) with 1 egg 'ho pau tan' = 'mata kerbau' where I only got one eye~~ and 'fan cheong' = pig intestine *i think so* @.@ and soap.... Oops.. I mean soup! So all this cost Rm3.00. The rice is little. Luckily I got a big packet of free soup. If not I will still hungry. So, Now, I am full~

Oh gosh. I realize my English getting terrible. T_____T. Sis Lai Ming said my English really BAD... T_________T I'm not like that last time. I don't know why nowadays my English getting bad. I'm so sad... So now, I got to read more books and novels and watch more DRAMA.. Drama? I should not but I can't control myself.. xD... hahhahaha..

I currently playing an outdated game! DIGIMON.. wahahahha.. PS... Childish hor? But I like it.. It is just so FUN! Mommy playing Bomberman. xD.. Chun le my mom~~ xD xd xD She already break the record.. 50 stage all clear. She stop liao now. Cause she said so bored. haha.. So chuin le.. Haahaha....

I am up with second story~~ xD

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