Thursday, July 31

Thank you Lord

Thank You Lord

Hate sickness. Sick makes me terrible. Dizzy, tired, difficult to breath, coughing, sore throat and etc. Why I'm sick at this time? Is there a purpose? Everything that God plan, there's a purpose. So, I am sick for a purpose? Maybe God wants to me to become stronger? I do not know. I'll really hope that God can give me all the answer that I ask. I know God loves me so much. Whatever I asked he gave! I knew it. I experienced! I remember I said that I want something, God gave. However, please do not misunderstand. Do not believe in him when you need something. Believe in him all the time. Really. I admit, sometimes I forget that I am having a great God. Yes I do forget him in times. However, I'm getting not-so-forgetful bout Him now. Everything that I do now, mostly, I will give thanks to Him. Because of Him, I am in this world. Sometimes, I feel that I am not so sincere. I hope I can be more sincere! He deserves all the glory! Really. Without him, I do not know what am I now. Thank You God for your love, protection and everything that you have given me. Thank You Lord. I won't be discourage because of sickness.

Now, I am lost. I do not know what to do. Thinking and thinking over and over again! Oh Lord, show me a way! So that my future will be better!

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