Wednesday, July 16

Just my feelings

Head=heavy, eyes=tired & heavy, body=weak.
I slept around 2 yesterday/this morning. Weak immune system makes me terrible. Not even a part of my body is ok now. Everywhere seems to be tired, heavy, weak and stuff. My brain can't really function now.
I am writing stories for readers and now my fantasy world had become black and white world.
Now I got a test for you guys. Try to close your eyes and tell me what colour can you see? Black? I taught is white? White? I taught is black? I can see red colour too. Even yellow. If you can't see any red or yellow, that's mean you are abnormal.. haha~ zNoz..... I am the abnormaline *I think*.
I can't go to my fantasy world now. I close my eyes I just see things that I am not familiar with it. I can only see colours.

I'm still wondering whether to go or not to go. *Saturday* I'm still waiting an answer from 'youknowwhoyouare' (this is how she refer me and now i refer to her).. I am tired and totally sick of someone who really make both of us mad at her and I really don't want to take in charge in everything (actually she dislike me to take in charge in ANYTHING. So what am I here for)..
Even though she is my best friend but I do think the other one is the one who should be in this place. Ya right, she is busy with her 'something' this year and stuff but you can still consider her. Why straight away put another friend of mine to be in this place. Sis my friend say she still willing to help even though she is busy. She said she can back up for the 'bear'. So why you still want to change another friend of mine to be in this place. Do you think she really suit in this place. Think twice.

saying something behind u here is a not a good attitude. But i am not really talk behind u. If u wants to read this so go ahead. If i really wants to hide all my feeling. I will just burst~~~~

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