Thursday, July 3

Scariest creature on earth

Humans are the most scariest creature in the world.
Its the scariest!
They can changed whenever they want
They can laugh and joke with you in a minute
But in the other minute they can kill you.
we cannot predict what will happen.
They are just so scary
They can back stab you
When they are with you
They just say
"we are friends. forever best friend.really. i mean it. we are friends forever ok?"
"I'm so lucky that I've a friend like you"
I just don't understand.
Why humans are like that.

Some of you might think. what happen to Sherina. Anyone hurt her again. Her best friend?..
ok.. Nope. Sherina is ok. Her best friend did not hurt her. And, Sherina's best friend will never do this to her. So, why did I bring up this post? I just wondering.. I think each of us had some friends that put a mask on their face. YA! MASK. Actually not only your friend but you too. Yes, i mean everyone. Even me! I do put my mask on sometimes. When I am sad especially. I will try my best to show my friends that I am happy but I always failed! Sometimes I do put my mask when in front with the people that I don't really like. But tell you the truth, I just failed! People know that I am not happy with them. I wonder why. My mask *ciplak*?? Maybe. So, since my mask is not good quality, people around me know my feelings and end up they dislike me. I know I'm bad. I should not show it but I just can keep it in my heart. Maybe some of you might say why don't I just confront that person. Nah.. I don't like to confront! If I really confront those people, hah! I going to fire them instead of talk to them. ya. I'm a super bad temper people. I use to fire people easily last time. But now, I not use to that anymore. I'll keep it in my heart. However, my heart space is limited. My heart is so small. How to keep all those things. So if my heart is full then,, haha,, you'll get it. So am I scary? I think I am. That's why I say! Humans are the scariest creature on earth. But not only me who act like that. Some are worst than me. Really. I've been a human in this earth for 17 years ++. I've been traveling from states to states. I got lot of friends. I've encounter it. Those friend are fake friends. The USED me. So I REALLY UNDERSTAND THOSE HUMANS. Some are smart and you never realize. And when you realize, I tell you, your heart break into millions pieces. You will just NEVER understand why they did this to you. Pain. Ya.. Really pain.

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