Thursday, May 28

Day 4

Have you ever think  of me?

Wednesday, May 27

Monday, May 25

Day 4

Fourth day.
Received a simple ones.
But not happy. .....

Friday, May 22

Monday, June 2

The fear is back

Today back to the place I hate to be. Lying down for 45 minutes for the sake of the scans really make me nuts. Tears rolling down hoping I will be strong.

I just wanna

Be by your side..
Be the one you can rely on..
Be the one you will miss..
Be the one you can talk to..
Be the one that you will think of..
Be the one that you cant live without..

Wake up!!!

Sunday, May 18


I wanted to clear this blog today. I wanted to delete this blog. I feel that the only way to start again is to delete everything. I have to erase everything from the past to start afresh. Although it has been years and I don't really care as I said, but at times it bothers me.

So well, instead of clicking the delete button, I clicked the new post button. I read through my old posts. I feel so silly with what I have posted in these years. My grammar is terribly terrible. I can feel how stupid and silly I was last time. I am so childish. I feel ashamed of myself. With all these I should really just delete this blog but I did not. I feel that these are the stupid memories I should keep. I should learn from the past to be a better me. The past is the past yet the past is the only way for me to learn. No one will teach me how to be a better me. I am the only person that can change myself. 
With this blog I remembered I used to have a bunch of friends that I always hang out together almost everyday. With this blog I remembered who betrayed me. With this blog I know what happen in 2009. Therefore, I decided to keep this blog. 

And now, I am back to the old me. 18.5.2014 
I am not going to care anything else. Even you whom I treasured a lot this year. I had enough and I gave up.

Monday, April 21


There are so many things that I wanted to talk to you. Will you just spare me some of your time to listen to me?