Sunday, May 18


I wanted to clear this blog today. I wanted to delete this blog. I feel that the only way to start again is to delete everything. I have to erase everything from the past to start afresh. Although it has been years and I don't really care as I said, but at times it bothers me.

So well, instead of clicking the delete button, I clicked the new post button. I read through my old posts. I feel so silly with what I have posted in these years. My grammar is terribly terrible. I can feel how stupid and silly I was last time. I am so childish. I feel ashamed of myself. With all these I should really just delete this blog but I did not. I feel that these are the stupid memories I should keep. I should learn from the past to be a better me. The past is the past yet the past is the only way for me to learn. No one will teach me how to be a better me. I am the only person that can change myself. 
With this blog I remembered I used to have a bunch of friends that I always hang out together almost everyday. With this blog I remembered who betrayed me. With this blog I know what happen in 2009. Therefore, I decided to keep this blog. 

And now, I am back to the old me. 18.5.2014 
I am not going to care anything else. Even you whom I treasured a lot this year. I had enough and I gave up.

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