Thursday, April 30

Rain + Rainbow

Rain Rain Rain! Please rain. These few days it is getting hotter and hotter! I need rain.

I love to see the rain drops on the leaves, the pouring rain on the floor. It is beautiful! I remember once when I was really sad for something and feel like crying, the rain pour down beautifully. I was staring on the ground and look at the pouring rain. It washes all my thought and I started to smile. I feel that it is so relaxing when it rain! From that time onwards, I really love rain!

O'Lord Please give us RAIN~ =)

I saw rainbow yesterday! It has been a long time since I saw the last rainbow. I think it almost few years back. When I look at the rainbow, there's a thought came into my mind suddenly. God is good. Be happy always and there's someone who love you! Tommorow is a better day! Miracle will happen! =)
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I got curse!

I'm sleepy!
Image from : dailypuppy
These few days I am curse by sleepy spell! Whether it is day time or night time, I just feel so sleepy and you know, LAZY comes together! I guess it is due to lack of rest and too tired all the time. Perhaps what Gab say is correct. I got to take up some time to go for exercise. But! I can't be exercise by myself all alone. Anyone interested?! Come join me! =)
Anyway, I think I got to prepare a schedule for myself. I do not have enough time nowadays! Really need to change this hectic lifestyle!
O' Good Luck sherina! =)

Wednesday, April 29

First time..

you talk to me this way.

Saturday, April 25

Dedicate to CL

Haiyo.. Thought want to stop blogging but darling CL is here.
Since DARLING CL is here.. I got to continue to blog lor.. Cause.. My darling mar..
Wei CL.. Don't vomit a!

Sui CL! You count la.. How many months didn't find me?! Don't want me jor is it?!
So sad! I miss you so much o! When only want meet me ar? Sui yeh! Ok ok.. I don't want scold you jor la.. Later you angry ma no good lo.. Den you angry me ma no Darling jor lo.. hahaha

Crapping only me.. With the so not english style.. =.=

Okay, CL is one of my darlings.. ONE OF MY DARLINGS. No la.. CL is my one & only darling. =) CL is the closest person I known in secondary. CL helped me alot. I can't repay what CL did for me last time. I only can say thank you one thousand times or perhaps million times.

CL ar CL... wo ai shang le ni. What to do ar??!! haha

WHO is CL?
er... I will like to put CL as mysterious person. CL IS MY DARLING.. haha... CL is going to faint after reading this post..

Thursday, April 23

A reminder for me, myself and I

Don't feel like blogging nowadays..
Can't put anything into words!
I think I should just stop blogging now!
Instead of expressing myself, I am just crapping all the way from the very first until now (400++). i wonder how people suffer with me all this while!
Anyway, let me think whether I should just stop blogging,
There's this - whatever you want to call it, for me.. its a reminder.. so... Up to you. Just my inspiration come and I jot it down here now. Enjoy ....

You are beside me
You are with me
Every time and

You walk beside me
Through all the darkness days
But I never realize
Because I am blinded by surroundings

How many times I got to remind myself?
How many times I got to repent?
How many times I failed to stand for You?
How many times I fall to something else?

I never know how much it cost
Yes! That cost I will never know
Every time I pictured it, I can feel the pain
But I'll never feel the pain that You gone through!

I always feel that I am in pain
Actually Your pain is greater than mine.
Every time I have things to plan my way
But actually Your plan are far more greater than mine.

Now, a reminder to myself....

Change your thinking.
Change your attitude.
Do not do things that are not right.
Do not think you are useless. =p
Love your neighbors as yourself
Treat everyone fairly.
Do not hate for it is murder!
Read the bible frequently!!! - EVERYDAY!
Know that He is in control
Commit everything to Him
Remember to pray. not only for things you want.. but pray for people, the world, the nation, the country the state, your friends, your family, your love ones. PRAY!
Do not take things to seriously especially those negative!
Forgive and Forget!

Wednesday, April 22

I am waiting

Waiting for someone to save me.

Where are you? O' my prince!

Tuesday, April 21


Talking to you is fun actually... =)
My mood getting better but... but.... I hope I don't see anyone tonight... =.="

Monday, April 20


I'm dead!
Cannot be save!
Fuh? Macam mana ni?

Saturday, April 18

wang lee hom again!

Okay I am too much!! lol
This is bumblee computer with msn7.0
all wang lee hom!! kahkah

Friday, April 17


I am WANG LEE HOM FREAK! Haha! You see... Desktop Wallpaper in office de.. and window live messenger punya display pic circle in green de.. is him.. Saw the yellow i circle de? its him also.. can c shoulder oni! I am crazy of him! WANG LEE HOM! YAHOO!
If I got money, I sure will go his concert! but too bad. I don't have $$.. sobs!

A letter

To whom it may concern,

I try so hard, so hard to make friends with everyone. Yet, I don't think I can.
I thought this particular person can be a close friend of mine one day. However, things change. Attitude change. I do not know what did I do to make this person angry. Perhaps just asking that person to do something everyone suppose to do? Will this make someone angry?
If you think you are busy. What about me? Am I sitting there shaking my legs doing nothing? I did not! Even I ask you to do that particulat stuff, I, will help you to do it. This is me! Although how busy am I, I still do it for you - FRIENDS. I always try to care for friends. Now you get to know others better and you try to abandon me? Am I a tools? Am I that bad to be a friend of yours? No matter how sad am I with how you treat me I dare not show you but now, just a simple things, you show faces to me!
Anyway, today wake up earlier to office. Earlier one hour to help HR Manager. A lot of last minute work. Luckily everything is okay now. Just now we were rushing everything. and, and, because of this I can see things.
you might never know I am sensitive. what face you show I know. I just keep quiet! But please... DON'T TOO OVER!
From the lonely girl.

Thursday, April 16


I've been keeping lots of things in me.
And nowadays I've been a bad girl.
Really bad...
The very old me had came back and haunt me.
I did not stop it but I let it be.
I lied a lot of things to myself and people.
I break all the promised that I made.
I did not follow the correct path.
I really did all this bad things once again.
I said I will repent but ........
I did not even try to stop.
I just say I want to stop but I did not put any effort at all.
I am so bad..
I feel guilty...
I feel like slapping myself to wake myself up.
I am so bad...
So bad...

O'Lord. Please help me. I know I am bad.. Please take out from that bad place.. The Satan is tempting me with all sorts of things.. I realise I am so bad. I know I should not got tempted but I still goes into it..

O'Lord please help me with my working place.. There are lot of unhappiness now. I don't like the way people treat me. But I do not want to have any hatred in me. O'Lord.. Please change me!

Wednesday, April 15

Lee Hom concert

Anyone got lee hom extra ticket? T.T

Monday, April 13

Right here waiting

Whatever it takes
How my heart breaks
I will be right here waiting for you!

Oceans apart day after day....

Saturday, April 11

Easter party

We had easter party yesterday night..
How was it?
-- Good--

Friday, April 10

Sobs.. missing my bro

Kor called..

"Mui, kor is leaving now."
"O.. I want mushroom mushroom mushroom! lol"
"Ok la.. Kor take care yea!!"
"You too.. See you next week"


Kor... Take care yea.... Back in one piece yea! =)
Miss you bro!! =)

Thursday, April 9

forever friendship

Roses are flower
That can last for an hour
Our friendship has the power
That can last FOREVER!

Everyday I love you

I don't know but I believe
That some things are meant to be
And that you'll make a better me
Everyday I love you.

I never thought that dreams came true
But you showed me that they do
You know that I learn something new
Everyday I love you.

Cos I believe that destiny
Is out of our control
And you'll never live until you love
with all your heart and soul

Its a touch when I feel bad
Its a smile when I get mad
All the little things I am
Everyday I love you

If I asked would you say yes?
Together we're the very best
I know that I am truly blessed
Everyday I love you

And I'll give my very best...
Everyday I love you

Wednesday, April 8

heartless - numb

Everybody need a change.
This goes to me. I got to change.. I need to change and I want to change.

Either changing from bad to good or good to bad.. I don't know what I am now.. Maybe I am good. perhaps i am bad... I have no idea... What I know for now is... I am heartless... I am numb.. Want to know why?

When there's a wound it is difficult to heal.. And when it is totally heal... It will leave a scar.. Yea.. A scar... That scar will always be with you no matter where you go what you do. The scar is there. This apply to me

Although everything back to normal but still there's that scar there. And this scar make me feel that it is different. Totally different.. It is not the same anymore like we used to be.

Move on?! I am moving on.. With a heartless body.. Numb body..

anyway, I am just crapping...

everything takes time... yea... I know

Tuesday, April 7


Oh my.. Msn is really making me killing myself.. I can't sign in! WHY!? ?! Why!!!

Anyway, new layout... and new fonts.. Pristina.. LOl. at first I put chiller.. lol... CHILL!

Thursday, April 2

I am ok =)

I know people around keep asking me whether am I alright..
I can tell you guys that I am ALRIGHT~~

This is a question of someone very close ask me.. Why I am ok?!
Oh dear, you want me to be sad?! LOL

Ok.. Let me tell you here.. *if you know its you*

1. I feel very free now
2. I know that there are lot of people actually enjoy me to be around with them
3. A lot of people love me. My friends, my mom, my youth and IMPORTANT one is... JESUS!
4. At last I can let go something from my shoulder.. I been put everything together and makes me feel so "san fu"..
5. I know what I really want
6. At last I know that I only love WANG LEE HOM. =p
and so so much...

I feel so happy now because

1. Joel G0h tell me something that encourages me. =)
2. Elisa advised me on certain things
3. Ying Yi always will wait for me to tell her my problems.
4. A brother that always very concern bout me... (gabriel)
5. A mom that always worried bout my health
6. Youth that always be there
7. Joel Chan that are so observance.
8. Joanna that haven't chase me for something. =p if you see this, pls come on SUNDAY!! =p
and so so so much more..

Actually I am not useless at all.. Because, I can do what I thought I can't. Actually I can!! All thanks to Him. Yeah.. Joel Goh and Joel Chan are right.. He will never forsake me although if everyone reject me.. =)

My father rejected me.. I feel so sad. But now I know God did not reject me. He is the real father! And now, no matter who rejected me, I won't care. As long as God with me. Sometimes it sad that people reject you but remember God is with you no matter what!