Thursday, April 23

A reminder for me, myself and I

Don't feel like blogging nowadays..
Can't put anything into words!
I think I should just stop blogging now!
Instead of expressing myself, I am just crapping all the way from the very first until now (400++). i wonder how people suffer with me all this while!
Anyway, let me think whether I should just stop blogging,
There's this - whatever you want to call it, for me.. its a reminder.. so... Up to you. Just my inspiration come and I jot it down here now. Enjoy ....

You are beside me
You are with me
Every time and

You walk beside me
Through all the darkness days
But I never realize
Because I am blinded by surroundings

How many times I got to remind myself?
How many times I got to repent?
How many times I failed to stand for You?
How many times I fall to something else?

I never know how much it cost
Yes! That cost I will never know
Every time I pictured it, I can feel the pain
But I'll never feel the pain that You gone through!

I always feel that I am in pain
Actually Your pain is greater than mine.
Every time I have things to plan my way
But actually Your plan are far more greater than mine.

Now, a reminder to myself....

Change your thinking.
Change your attitude.
Do not do things that are not right.
Do not think you are useless. =p
Love your neighbors as yourself
Treat everyone fairly.
Do not hate for it is murder!
Read the bible frequently!!! - EVERYDAY!
Know that He is in control
Commit everything to Him
Remember to pray. not only for things you want.. but pray for people, the world, the nation, the country the state, your friends, your family, your love ones. PRAY!
Do not take things to seriously especially those negative!
Forgive and Forget!

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