Thursday, April 30

Rain + Rainbow

Rain Rain Rain! Please rain. These few days it is getting hotter and hotter! I need rain.

I love to see the rain drops on the leaves, the pouring rain on the floor. It is beautiful! I remember once when I was really sad for something and feel like crying, the rain pour down beautifully. I was staring on the ground and look at the pouring rain. It washes all my thought and I started to smile. I feel that it is so relaxing when it rain! From that time onwards, I really love rain!

O'Lord Please give us RAIN~ =)

I saw rainbow yesterday! It has been a long time since I saw the last rainbow. I think it almost few years back. When I look at the rainbow, there's a thought came into my mind suddenly. God is good. Be happy always and there's someone who love you! Tommorow is a better day! Miracle will happen! =)
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