Thursday, April 16


I've been keeping lots of things in me.
And nowadays I've been a bad girl.
Really bad...
The very old me had came back and haunt me.
I did not stop it but I let it be.
I lied a lot of things to myself and people.
I break all the promised that I made.
I did not follow the correct path.
I really did all this bad things once again.
I said I will repent but ........
I did not even try to stop.
I just say I want to stop but I did not put any effort at all.
I am so bad..
I feel guilty...
I feel like slapping myself to wake myself up.
I am so bad...
So bad...

O'Lord. Please help me. I know I am bad.. Please take out from that bad place.. The Satan is tempting me with all sorts of things.. I realise I am so bad. I know I should not got tempted but I still goes into it..

O'Lord please help me with my working place.. There are lot of unhappiness now. I don't like the way people treat me. But I do not want to have any hatred in me. O'Lord.. Please change me!

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