Wednesday, April 8

heartless - numb

Everybody need a change.
This goes to me. I got to change.. I need to change and I want to change.

Either changing from bad to good or good to bad.. I don't know what I am now.. Maybe I am good. perhaps i am bad... I have no idea... What I know for now is... I am heartless... I am numb.. Want to know why?

When there's a wound it is difficult to heal.. And when it is totally heal... It will leave a scar.. Yea.. A scar... That scar will always be with you no matter where you go what you do. The scar is there. This apply to me

Although everything back to normal but still there's that scar there. And this scar make me feel that it is different. Totally different.. It is not the same anymore like we used to be.

Move on?! I am moving on.. With a heartless body.. Numb body..

anyway, I am just crapping...

everything takes time... yea... I know

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