Saturday, April 25

Dedicate to CL

Haiyo.. Thought want to stop blogging but darling CL is here.
Since DARLING CL is here.. I got to continue to blog lor.. Cause.. My darling mar..
Wei CL.. Don't vomit a!

Sui CL! You count la.. How many months didn't find me?! Don't want me jor is it?!
So sad! I miss you so much o! When only want meet me ar? Sui yeh! Ok ok.. I don't want scold you jor la.. Later you angry ma no good lo.. Den you angry me ma no Darling jor lo.. hahaha

Crapping only me.. With the so not english style.. =.=

Okay, CL is one of my darlings.. ONE OF MY DARLINGS. No la.. CL is my one & only darling. =) CL is the closest person I known in secondary. CL helped me alot. I can't repay what CL did for me last time. I only can say thank you one thousand times or perhaps million times.

CL ar CL... wo ai shang le ni. What to do ar??!! haha

WHO is CL?
er... I will like to put CL as mysterious person. CL IS MY DARLING.. haha... CL is going to faint after reading this post..

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joyselin said...

Who is Cl ?? i will gambateh n pray more de o ... nw i finally xiang tong le leh .... hehe