Friday, April 17

A letter

To whom it may concern,

I try so hard, so hard to make friends with everyone. Yet, I don't think I can.
I thought this particular person can be a close friend of mine one day. However, things change. Attitude change. I do not know what did I do to make this person angry. Perhaps just asking that person to do something everyone suppose to do? Will this make someone angry?
If you think you are busy. What about me? Am I sitting there shaking my legs doing nothing? I did not! Even I ask you to do that particulat stuff, I, will help you to do it. This is me! Although how busy am I, I still do it for you - FRIENDS. I always try to care for friends. Now you get to know others better and you try to abandon me? Am I a tools? Am I that bad to be a friend of yours? No matter how sad am I with how you treat me I dare not show you but now, just a simple things, you show faces to me!
Anyway, today wake up earlier to office. Earlier one hour to help HR Manager. A lot of last minute work. Luckily everything is okay now. Just now we were rushing everything. and, and, because of this I can see things.
you might never know I am sensitive. what face you show I know. I just keep quiet! But please... DON'T TOO OVER!
From the lonely girl.

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