Thursday, April 2

I am ok =)

I know people around keep asking me whether am I alright..
I can tell you guys that I am ALRIGHT~~

This is a question of someone very close ask me.. Why I am ok?!
Oh dear, you want me to be sad?! LOL

Ok.. Let me tell you here.. *if you know its you*

1. I feel very free now
2. I know that there are lot of people actually enjoy me to be around with them
3. A lot of people love me. My friends, my mom, my youth and IMPORTANT one is... JESUS!
4. At last I can let go something from my shoulder.. I been put everything together and makes me feel so "san fu"..
5. I know what I really want
6. At last I know that I only love WANG LEE HOM. =p
and so so much...

I feel so happy now because

1. Joel G0h tell me something that encourages me. =)
2. Elisa advised me on certain things
3. Ying Yi always will wait for me to tell her my problems.
4. A brother that always very concern bout me... (gabriel)
5. A mom that always worried bout my health
6. Youth that always be there
7. Joel Chan that are so observance.
8. Joanna that haven't chase me for something. =p if you see this, pls come on SUNDAY!! =p
and so so so much more..

Actually I am not useless at all.. Because, I can do what I thought I can't. Actually I can!! All thanks to Him. Yeah.. Joel Goh and Joel Chan are right.. He will never forsake me although if everyone reject me.. =)

My father rejected me.. I feel so sad. But now I know God did not reject me. He is the real father! And now, no matter who rejected me, I won't care. As long as God with me. Sometimes it sad that people reject you but remember God is with you no matter what!

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