Monday, January 28

Thaipusam day

It's a holiday and I make used of it.
Mom and me clean up our cupboard and the fridge! Not to forget we try to cook our bak gua with microwave but failed. So we have to fry it :( but still the taste is good. Better than those squarish one.

Back to work tomorrow.
Feeling a little depressed and stress but I still have to do it cause I choose this road! Must show everyone I can do it and I am happy to do it! All the best sherina!

And oh, I watch Hansel & Gretel yesterday. It's quite violent! Overall it's quite good! Enjoy the whole show with my boyfie and the big combo of popcorn. Hehe!

Saturday, January 26

CNY Mood

Preparing cny decorations :) boyfie help to do the hammering part :)

Tuesday, January 15


My little niece :)
She is cute isn't it? She is 1 month old this 19th January :)

Saturday, January 5

What do you think?

Do I look different now?
This year started with lot of good feedbacks. What do you think? :)

Wednesday, January 2

2013 Resolution

People talking about it while I just smile and, smile.
Just leave it and just try my best to do whatever comes

It's a brand new year

Happy New Year to those who read this.

Finally I bought what I really wanted for so long. Well, I wanted other nicer design but due to I thought it's cheaper I chose this design and regretted after I found out the price was just the same as the other designs!  Ahhh~ Oh well, still something I wanted long ago.

Oh shut up. I know. Just some paperclips but it is something that I really hesitated to buy since 3 months back. They placed it at the Rm3.90 section and I was like so happy because it's going cheaper and the other cuter design was at RM5.90. So I proceed to buy this hanger design and later after I paid, it is RM 5.90.
That's so bad of them placing this at Rm3.90. Seriously although it is only Rm5.90 for people out there I still feel it's not worth it. It's not because I am poor to the extend that I cannot afford to buy this pin, I just feel it's not worth it. Not worth it for something like that. That's why I hesitated. Aiks. Anyway, I still have to just let it go since it's a small matter.

Oh yea, just forget about it and use this paperclips wisely (LOL)

Snapping the first picture of the year with my boyfie car.

Loves is always there for us - sherinasim-menuiq-