Monday, October 29

I have you

Luckily there's one thing that I can still hold on. You are always here for me. When I am down you will be there. Although at times I am just being annoying, you still care for me and love me.

Thank you

Wednesday, October 24

As long as I am happy

Aite! I've been updating a little frequent these days huh? This is because I can go online when I work now. I have completely change from being like how I used to be. In this new environment, I chose to be alone. I feel that human beings are scary. They are doubled faces. This is why I became like that since I am in here. Well, who cares? As long we are happy and that's all right?
Most of the time I will be joining my ex colleague for lunch and laugh out loud. That's enough for me. 

Monday, October 22

Friday, October 19


Everyday is a learning day for me. Of course I do hope I have opportunities given. Although I really hope what they mentioned is true, I still have to just let the nature take it course. So that I won't feel very disappointed in the end.

Friday, October 12

Human Beings.

People tend to respect those higher position people and ignore the lower ones. 

Thursday, October 11

Just Random

What the?! What is going on with my blog? How to use it? This shows how long since my last updates.
How's everyone? Well, anyone here?! Don't think so.
Everything changed. Even Nuffnang. I was like what is going on. I am so lost. It shows that everyone is updating to be better. How bout me? I don't know. Time just flies without giving me any notice. I am just being random and feel like posting something.
I hope everyone is well. Have a nice day!