Wednesday, May 28

28th May 2008~ Chee Meng

Even though you won't be see~ing my blog.. I still want to wish you here!
Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday to Chee Meng
Happy Birthday to You!
Happy Birthday to You
You are born in a zoo
You look like a monkey
And u smell like one two!!

You are a great leader! ;) May Our Lord continue to bless you and let you serve more in church. May your Japan dream come true one day! ;)

Ong Chee Meng


Ok! i m super happy! WHY??? ok!!
1st~ly... CAMERON,... I M COMING !!
2nd~ly... I gave the present to Chee Meng liao! haha.. (giving is better than receiving!) thats y I happy!
3rd~ly.. Chee Hon present also bought d~ YEAH~ah!
This is the reason y I am so happy.. But den my wallet very de not happy!! ;(
Not yet buy for chee kean summore.. if buy for him.. wah.. this month i no money d lo!
Yesterday I went to giant to c got what nice shirt that can buy for chee meng! but den GIANT don have nice shirt wan!
SO I sms ying yi ask wan go IOI. So her dad came and fetch me!
We walk for 1 hour ++ to find shirt for this 2 guys! You know what. Its not easy to buy present for guys.. Almost whole IOI BUTIK or shirt shop salesman and salesgirl dislike us! We just go in then c c c den come out! Den if they follow us walk den we don wan c n we go out.. BOTH of us terrible le! hahaha.. I think so!
At last we found those shirt! So we bought.. actually I forgotten that chee hon wan buy at cameron.. but den nvm.. bought d!
So we bought PInK and Blue! different design! Normal oni wan la.. not so nice.. but at least we use our heart to buy lo~
Today summore need to go giant to shop tmr stuff!! wah!! tired.. shopping is tired. n summore i not yet pack my thing..

Tuesday, May 27

Tuesday! Going to Camp soon!

Yesterday night no mood ar~ Cause Dou Wei say not coming to camp.. Got tuition n dad don let to skip for once... ~~~~ Haiz.. I feel so sad..
Tot he will go wan... T.T
Ppl that I hope I can c in camp all tak pergi! Haiz.. So cham.. Den now more more ppl not going camp liao.. Josh not feeling well.. Donno can go or not.. Den older youth not going summore!
Haiz... hope last minute all also can go lar.. Today tuesday d.. so fast going to go liao.. Thursday going d!
Yesterday finish Catch Me Now d! Really finish on monday! I watch series very geng.. So fast finish! The ending of this series really let me kek sei! My BT!! N Mr. Tall (kou).. Kek Sei Me le la!
Tonite donno wan watch wat. I watching HanaKimi.. i watch thousand times d.. Now I re~watch again.. Gila le la me! My mommy say I sot sot wan! She say wan watch Fiona series.. But I don feel like watching that!
I want to watch Forensic Heroes... Can't wait to see Bobby, Charmaine, Kevin and Frankie Lam!
Can't Wait!!
These few days happy of 'something'.. heh heh.. xD

Monday, May 26


Hmm.. Wau.. Today is monday. So tmr is tuesday! after tuesday is wednesday! So after wednesday is???
That means. ITS camp day! xD... We going soon!! Wednesday need to buy thing! All da groceries!
Hope I don't left out! Must check with Elisa later!
Today need to call Dou Wei to ask whether he is going or not.. HOPE HE GO LA!!
Yesterday taught want to cut hair with Ying Yi.. But den.. No car!! T.T
Chee Hon say he cut d.. n he oso no car.. Then Lai Ming say that if we want to go she can drop us there then we go back by our self! So at last no cut!! wuwuwu..
Doing flyer now for Father's Day! Haiz.. I tot I ok with 'her' d.. But yesterday she came in n start to talk I don like again.. N den Elisa went back I lagi feel no mood to talk! hmm.. I donno la. I still cannot change my feeling towards her! Donno Elisa how le??
I miss a 'someone' very much.. She is not her but I superb miss her o!
maybe will meeting her soon!! xD...
Yesterday got all my schedule... Worship and Sunday School... not much to do.. okok oni la..
So i m ok.. But den I got usher! er.. wear skirt?? heh heh.. long time no wear liao summore donno how to wear!
I want to be a 100% girl but I can't wear skirt due to my ugly n lot of dots punya leg!
I donno! I donno! Wait I got money I go re-do my leg! re-do?? heh heh
oh ya.. friday cell. I still keep smiling when I rmb that day!~
We played train! hahahhaq.. I just can't stop laughing when its my turn to guess where is the train. Chee Meng is da station! He just so noisy there! HE keep 'hallelujah'.. n everyone keep pass the train to him.. hahahah
at last he kalah!!! yeah!everyone bully him.
the worship was great! Chee Meng choose the song! Even though those songs we always sing but there's a different feeling inside there! O~~~

25th May 2008

Today is 26th. Yesterday is 25th!
So yesterday was your day!
To you,
I miss you lotz!
We will meet again one day!
Wait me!
I love you forever!
You are my dearest! My best friend!
I remember the day we had together!
I remember you are the one who care bout me!
I remember the last sentence I told you!
Even though you went back to the place you came from
Even though we could not meet each other now
But I know,
One day,
All of us will meet at there!
Happy Birthday to you who born on
25th of May 1990

Kim Ying shien

Friday, May 23

Missing them

Suddenly I think of 1 of my fren! He is Yoong Ken! I remember each time when all of us sitting together and want to tell joke. stories, he will say! I also got a story! Very funny wan..
After we hear his story, we will just keep our mouth shut.. Then we will laugh him... We always do that to him. Cause he is just too nonsense..
The story:
Once upon a time, there is an old uncle and a dog..
One Day, This old man bring his dog out for a walk!
Then the end!
Everytime when he want to say a story. This is da story! LAme man. Kai Loon will always call us to laugh as loud as we can after Yoong Ken finish his story! Suddenly think of them! Miss them so much.
Miss the time that we sit together, gossip, joke and more! I really miss them.. But don't have time to go out...
Guys. I miss u

On da way ~

Hmmm.. yesterday I n mommy forgotten to do the groceries list.. We watch the dvd! haiz.. So today must ask again!
Tmr working in bumble bee~~ yeah yeah yeah.. can on9 summore!
Oh ya.. yesterday no fast! Went to eat Korean food with aunty sue and aunty sam.. at first say follow.. den they say must eat! so eat lo.. xD the korean food I ate b4 d de with the Elisa yy n jc. on planet shakers day!
But.. Yesterday food better o~~ Eat until very full!! x3
Today is FRIDAY! next week i'll at cameron! wahahaha... oooooo... I gila d! I can't wait d!

Cameron I'm comin~~

Thursday, May 22

Can't Wait x3

Aunty Sue very cham.. Kena bully~~ haiz!
Chee Meng up there.. alone... so cham! renovate office by his own.. h3h3~~
hmmm.. later need to prepare groceries list! Must ask mommy! but i still don noe what to cook! wan sedap punya Tomyam or want easy way Tomyam... Must ask them first! Can't find the pot summore yet if they want 2! haiz! Summore need to fried mee hoon. Don wan fried mee hoon can ar? Fried mee hoon sangat susah le.. Kuey Teow easier! Haiz.. eat maggi mee lagi senang! xD
Yesterday rain! i can't go back! so chat with Sha Mein at bumble bee! so long no chat with them le... Talk bout work youth and other stuff! HAiz.. Work in church not so happy wan ar.. cause facing those ppl.. haiz.. I m 18.. they are double my age! how to communicate.. Luckily Aunty Sue now treat me very good.. hehehe... Now I understand her d! Last time I wrong.. Listen to ppl! She is just straight forward...
Hmm.... I CANT WAIT TO GO CAMERON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I m so bosan! i want go holidays! Faster finish this week then next week faster come!!!!!!
Oh ya.. Now I watching Catch Me Now! Its a nice series! VEry Nice! i think monday will finish the whole series d and will watch Fiona wan.. But I want Forensic Heroes II. I waitng for that show.. All the star very handsome and pretty... I can't wait...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm single
I'm not in love
Not going to in love yet~

Wednesday, May 21

A baby boy was born today!

Jie Jie give birth to a baby boy!! he he! This morning at 3 something!!
Now Got 2 boy boy! me sure kena bully!
Oh ya Chee Meng working at Uncle S.T office o~ Renovating!
Cham Cham!
hmm me still get no reply! he still no update blog!
I can't wait for camp! CAMERON! going to cook! they will be end up in the toilet.. wakakaka!
Faster Faster!

Niki and kevin

Picnic moments

Sis Lai Ming

Tuesday, May 20

The moments we shared

We're just so best friend~
we looking at the starz!! ;)

We are so deep in friendship~
not deep in love~

7th day~ luv mom

Add 2 more days~~
Sun and yesterday eat at 12.. so need add 2 days!!
I think I'll finish end of next month! haiz.. T.T
So today is the 7th day!??
anyways.. I got a shocked today morning when I checked my mail.. Got a msg from
I like WAH! He reply ar?? wahahah.. NOPE! Its a newsletter from tvb introducing new series~
=.=||| haha.. swt rite??
He really busy liao.. No update his blog.. he heh..
Now i am waiting my camp! 29-31
CAMERON! even though the olders wan tak mau pergi.. Still got us! So better than none! he he!
will be sleeping with Elisa and ying yi.. Mostly la.. if we sleep in a room.. lets say is 5 orang den it will be sa,yi,na,lyn, and chel.. So this 5 gals very cham.. wont sleep wan.. especially sa yi and na cause they will be talking n talking n talking! *sa is Elisa. yi is ying yi. na is me lo *
heh heh.. I noe I will b missing mommy~~~~ N she will be super miss me~~ even though i had camp b4.. but she sure miss me and worry me wan.. I oso will be worrying bout her..
She alone.. Luckily got boy boy teman her.. If not she lagi lonely.. Feel so sad...
Ok.. I sleep with my mom wan thats y she will miss me.. ok i know! i am 18 years old still sleep with my mom.. that's sound so.. kid~ish
ceh.. cannot meh.. From a baby until now I only got mommy~ sure I sleep with her la.. She and me only.. no other ppl with us ma~ My stupid dad left us when I am 18 months! So mommy take care of me until now-18 years old lor.. My sis got husband d.. So no contact with us.. My real bro has been sold by my own father when he just came out from my mommy tummy! T.T
I so hope I got 1 kor kor. n now i go but donno where is he.. THANKS TO MY FATHER!
hmmm.. hope can find my bro back! ok.. y suddenly i go so far.. heh heh.. sorry ya!
ok la.. that's all for now 1st..
still can't find nice pics.. upload later if i can find some~~
I love my mother.. hehe ;)

Saturday, May 17

6th day?

Hmmm.. Its Sat.. Working in Bumble bee for part time~~ 2 hours better than none.. now waiting to eat my dinner.. i didn't take lunch ar... FAst~~~ kulukulu~~
Hmm.. this two days not uploading pic cause I can't find any nice pics.. wait I got pic first la..
Tonite hope can watch the concert award.. Lee hom got I think... heh heh!! I long time no c him d lu!!
Yesterday I went to cg! Erm.. Feel not so happy with JC attitude! If he say he donno what he come to cg for and say don wan to do anything la.. ok fine! I am not going to come anymore..
Excuse me.. What r u joking? U think u can talk nonsense! Don fool around~ I might be to harsh! But sometimes its u guyz make me like that! U can joke.. But pls on the right time! I oso joke but pls serious wen ppl say pls serious!
haihz... I ar.. haiz... give up on them man~
Anyways tmr having worship!! hmm.. hope everything will be ok! :) ;)
I waiting a reply from a very important person.. but i think it will never happen~~ T.T

Friday, May 16


I sent a message to an actor!! wahahahaha.. I am crazy!
But den I know I'll get disappointment! But nevermind la..
As long I am happy can d lar!!
i was thinking why am I born here. Maybe God has a plan! I don't know!
Thats all.. not posting pics today! cause haiz!!!

5th day ;)

These few days was reading tvb news.. wau.. I think I had read mostly 100++ articles bout tvb :)
Thank u to! All the news are so wonderful! i think I will just continue to read!
Nothing to talk now.. Maybe later.. SO ok la! thats all for now! phot upload later

Thursday, May 15

4th day

My nose running!! xD
I remember I just got sick last month or the month b4.. Now i sick again..
flu..! Its s a terrible disease! It spread!
It itchy!
It stuck!
Oh Lord. Heal me! Amen!
Today is the 4th day!
Oh ya.. yesterday mommy not support me.. She say.. U like to dream only! You think u can meh?
No harm trying. But u wait for failure la!
Mommy..! If I don't try I where can success? If I fail.. I go again la! Learn la. Do not give up lor.
I believe if I have a heart for it.. I put effort in it. Then God will help me.. Even if I fail but at least I try. N maybe I can learn more things..
But den.. She say.. If u really want. Go find one teacher and teach la.. She know I dream too much la.. Maybe what she say is right I dream! But maybe this dream may come true one day!
Teacher? No money a.. C how la.. Need advised! C how la!
Yesterday got practice worship.. Worship leader is AUNTY PAT. heh heh..
Sing with Kalven. HE sick. ME sick.. Then bass Wzent, guitar Cmeng, piano Yyi and drum Jon!
All youth except Aunty Pat la.. Singing that time keep talk to Kal.. Aunty Pat say we very playful..xD
Youth ma!
when we finished Aunty Pat asked us to pray for one another! I understand why!
Kal pray for me. I pray for cm, cm pray for wz, wz pray for yy, yy pray for Aunty Pat and Aunty Pat pray for US! heh heh..
Sms with Elisa.. Told her is Aunty Pat lead worship.. The songs quite hard! I told her if she TAK MAU can lo.. Don force ma..
Next round she must sing la! She say ok!
Today Aunty Janice and Aunty Sue not here.. Will coming in the afternoon.. Went somewhere!
So I will be answering all the calls. N I am calling all the pastor later for staff meeting.
a man cannot discover anything about his future.
i saw this verse.. I don't know anything bout my future! So I cannot think its a No what am I want to do now.. If you don't try u will fail forever! So u should try first. Who knows the result? So I won't give up!

Niki and Kevin


Steven ma- photos
credits to

Wednesday, May 14

3rd Day

Its a 3rd day! i know God support me.. N lot of ppl support me too!! heh heh
So No giving up.. I finished A Journey Called Life d!! Sad la.. Die die die! Started Tai Chi..
ZzZZz.. 1st epi oni.. Raymond Lam not yet out.. Waiting him!!
Me Suddenly Sick.. Got flu.. body getting hotter and hotter.. mayb low immune system.. Summore no makan.. So get sick! Nvm.. wat happen oso I still fight!! wakakkaka
Today Wednesday le.. Means I will go down sharp at 5 to find Dou Wei!! he he.. Got things to talk to him!
Oh ya.. Today Gab Birthday!
So At Here! I want to wish Kor Kor Happy Birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! GOD BLEZZ YOU!

Sorry for curi your photo! I can't find ma... heh heh...
Today not much to write.. So like that only la..
Niki And Kevin

Nice couple!


(all the photos taken by other website..
all nice photo with good quality..)

Tuesday, May 13

2nd day... Unreadable mind..

Suddenly I feel that am I sure what am I asking now~ I know its ridiculous.. but i want to try..
I been lost for so long.. Now I know what I want to do.. But Its a bit funny! But there's no harm for me to try.. Just that I don't know how to tell ppl! 40 days of fasting.. (skipping lunch only lar.) is it ok?
I don't know.. But i still want to fast! I really want to do this! I know I am stupid cause ppl think is a No Way~ I still got 39 days to fast.. I won't give up! I want to do something that I like to do!
Aunty Sue helping me now to find college.. But now I don't really want to study d.. What is my future? I don't know~ I want to do something I like? I know God will help me! I know!
Thank you God!
Niki and Kevin Corner
Happy family ;)
Kevin Cheng
Niki Chow
TVB Corner
Linda Chung
Raymond Lam

Monday, May 12

He called!~

I almost forgot something very important..
Soon Wah called me on Sat..
We talked for 1 hour like that.. Very happy.. Its been a long time he talk with me until so long..
He actually promise me that he will come on Saturday to meet me.. But due to some reason he can't come.
So I still need to wait! How long I need to wait? Pls don't let me wait to long k?
Miss u so much!
we chat lot of stuff.. But I don't really noe what to talk.. Too long we din talk le..
i noe after this I need to wait another few years only I can hear his voice! He will forget me again..
I hope u and ur gf will happy always..
U will be my kor forever!

40 Days

I didn't go for cg. When to pasar malam cause mommy want to go..
Bought 2 pairs of earring~~ hehe... Then mommy buy food lo.. so many food... hehe.. That pasar malam not so nice.. but at least can go kai kai ma~~
Oh ya! RACHEL IS BACK!! wakakaka.. miss her so so so so much~~~
Stay at home and watch lot of dramas.. That's all
Go to church.. Go Sunday school to take care the children.. T.T naughty betul.
We had a youth meeting.. We going to Cameron!! haha.. yeah yeah! never been there before!! hahaha..
I am in charge of food.. And I am going to cook for them.. So ... It will be FUN!! kekekeke...
Oh ya.. I want to do something now.. I want to try! I am praying too.. So for 40 days i will skip lunch.. Fasting~~ I realized that I always ask God I want this I want that! So this time.. I want to fast to want something and pray for it!
No one will know what I want.. Something impossible.. But with God all things are possible~ So I will do it~ But I am so hungry now... nvm i will tahan de! I will fast.. except when I got something on I only skip fasting and replace another day! 40 days?? some more got 39 days~gambateh..
Elisa and me talk to Sis Lai Ming bout something.. Elisa! You very brave! heh heh...
Never tot u will say out oso! ooops.. My stomach kili kulu d~~~~~~
Niki and Kevin Corner
Kevin Cheng
Niki Chow

TVB Corner

Myolie Wu.
Ron And Pikachu~hehe

Friday, May 9

Helping Hand

Tonite got cell group~~ Hmm.. I in charge of clean up.. =.=|||
haha.. nvm.. I still serving the Lord.. so its ok lo~~ Cleaning is fun actually..
As long can help I will help~ Sorry for the past~C da future~
Find more ways to help ppl.. Wan to lend me hand to others..
Yesterday watch the series.. very funny~haha... I want to watch more~ But tonite can't watch cause go cg.. nvm.. tmr got whole day for me~ Happy~ Not much for today. Today only want to put more pics only~ haha!!
Niki and Kevin corner
Lovely couple~
TVB corner
^^~Ron Ng~^^

Three handsome~
Ron, Kevin and Raymond

Thursday, May 8


Suddenly feel like posting something.. But i keep wondering what to post...
I don't know.. I still keep thinking of him~ I can't get my head out of it..
Don't know what to do~
I'm here
wondering of you
You're there
wondering of her
suddenly feel like no friends~ Friends~ i need u guyz~ i miss u guyz~
Where are u guyz~?
Everyone is busy with their stuff and their boyfriend and girlfriend..
No more time for me anymore*
hope that you were here

A Journey called life

They are so secocok!!
Eventhough i finished this drama d.. but i still miss it.. love them so much
I m watching new series yesterday by ma chun wai.. A journey called life.. i think..
but i want to watch niki and kevin o~~ haiz...
Today office got problem between Janice and aunty sue! I suddenly feel so scary.
Sis Janice cry... Aunty Sue oso blur d.. Ask me why like that~ What i can answer!?
What I know what to say is.. Don't know~
haha.. hope everything will be ok ba.
Later having lunch with all the PASTOR at bibiwok.. scary but i wan eat!!! hahaha..
realize nowadays i watch series and keep putting tvb actor and actress photo??
Its because i want to forget everything by watching lor.. haha...
oh ya.. this is the pic for the new series I am watching.
A Journey Called Life
Linda & Steven Ma ;)
Niki Chow
~~tvb corner~~

Wednesday, May 7

The Ending Of TSD

I watch all the SEVENTH DAY d!! I cry and cry.. But when ending I didn't cry..
Cause she was saved.. But after 5 years only she died... Still sad.. But at least not so pain lor...
I love them so much.. love love love!!!
Tonite donno wan to watch what le.. So many dvd waiting for me! But I waiting their show.. When only got wor???
calling List no prob liao!! happy.. ok liao ;)
today ntg to say o~~
TVB corner
Handsome Kelvin..
I love you so muchie~~
Forever and ever~~

Tuesday, May 6

3 to go ;(

I watch seventh day until episode 17 d..
Started to cry... T.T Kevin so love her! i am so sad.. They are so cham...
So sad n sad n sad...
What I want to see next?? i wait for kevin n niki new dramas.. er.. donno got a not le..
actually they r so suit~~~
hmm.. Yesterday talk with ck.. Feel better d.. cause i throw everything to him! wahaha..
he told me lot of stuff.. really happy... At least he can teach me lot of thing n explain..
he told me some secret.. haha.. he said bro pengkianat.. wakakakkaka..
i noe a lot of thing liao.. hehe...
this mothers day.. want to buy cake for mommy.. AGAIN ar??
mommy will say.. 'kek me again ar??' But i know she fell happy de la.. this sunday mothers day hor?? hope not wrong day la...!!
Nyways.. cAlling list done d.. yeah!!! not yet finish de.. now waiting them to check n tell me what to do..
I will post pics start from now..

Raymond Lam
He is Handsome ;)

Monday, May 5

Tagged ;)

The rules are:
1. The rules of the game get posted at the beginning.
2. Each player answers the questions about themselves
3. At the end of the post the player than tags 4 people and posts their names, than goes to their blogs and leaves a comment, letting them know they got tagged and to ask them to play and read your blog.
1. What was I doing 10 years ago ( year 1998)?
^0^being my mom's daughter..
2. 5 things on my to-do list today.
^0^Watch seventh day~~
^0^Do calling list~~
^0^Do prayer list ~~
3. 5 Snacks I enjoy.
^0^Potato chips~~
4. 5 Things I would do if I were a billionaire.
^0^Buy a house for my mom~~
^0^Buy a better Handphone for my mom~~
^0^Go study~~
^0^Buy a laptop~~
^0^Help the church~~
5. 5 of my bad habits.~
^0^Easily get angry with someone~~
^0^Flower Heart??~~
^0^Always like play ppl~~
^0^Easily get sad~~

6. 5 place i have lived
^0^Hotel (with my mom, sis, n grandma when we go holidays)~~
7. 5 jobs I've had
^0^Research & Development Director in Ye company~~
^0^Sales Coordinator
~*4 people I tag*~
4.Poh Yee

Verse Of the day

Matthew 7:7
Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.
i like this verse.. I remember
James sms me this verse.. thanks

My past

Yesterday went to church around 8.30..
Chee Meng fetch.. ^0^ happy.. Long time he no fetch me le... heh heh
Reach church help chee meng to take his beg.. ^^
Help Chee Kean to type the song... Actually i went to church early.. Sis Lai Ming not here so can't fetch me.. So ma go early lor..
Dear Elisa came.. Then both of us went up to Uncle S.T office..
What we do..??? heh heh.. we talk... some... secret...
Don't know why.. She is just like Chien Ling.. I can just bla everything to her!
N i tell her more!
then Uncle S.T came up to call us go down cause it almost 10!!
When down saw ppl saw saw saw.... When to comp there to help...
Elisa LEFT ME ALONE! she went to sit at somewhere else..
Naughty la she!
I helped for sunday school... wah.. super naughty! JOSh bro is so noti!!!
After sunday school.. wen down to MPH er... (multi purpose hall)... xD
Saw chee hon.. call me drink more water.. cause my tongue got ulcer.. pain...
we had a meeting for raising fund.. haha.. the whole meeting I feel like a bit weird.. Cause I don really happy.. So Elisa says that y don let her n Jayzee plan the stuff since they r in charge..
Ya! This is what I wanted to say.. but let her say tim.. haha... We have da same mind xD
I was thinking y call them be the organizer wen Esther point this n that!
So Elisa say this I m so agree!!!!!!!!!!
Finish meeting then clean up.. Then left me sasa josh joel n joel.. we chat there..
So fun.. Laughing this n that! So funny..
This week is ok ba.. Unhappy n happy oso got,.... heh heh..Unhappy i tried to let go..
i know I can!
Oh ya.. heard that kal n his 'gang' wen to astro.. swt =.=
Hope they all can ba..
I went back told mom.. She said.. Chee Meng maybe can.. Cause of his handsome~ness.... Mommy.. u c leng zhai!! noti noti!!

Sunday, May 4

Verse of the day

1 John 4:9-10
We love Him because He first loved us.

Saturday, May 3

A past of me

Yesterday went to Kinrara Giant.. So bored.. TOt wan buy heels n flute/recorder but end up buying perfume chocolate n handphone pouch..
Haha.. crazy me!
Tot want to buy something for Chee Hon bday! Still so long.. So din buy.. n donno want to buy or not oso la..
But i bought something for someone.. hehe..
C wen can give lar....
For Sure not for HIM!

Friday, May 2

Verse Of the Day

Luke 6:37
Do not judge, and you will not be judged. Do not condemn, and you will not be condemned. Forgive, and you will be forgiven.

A new chapter of me

30th of April is my sad day.
1st of May is a happy day!
I'm release! Elisa noe why... Cause I not going to think le..
Even its still pain but.. let it go ba. ;)
Yesterday watch eposde 7 to 13.. Wau.. I cried... Niki is so cham!
Kevin ex..Selina.. i think still love kevin.. And she said her ex bf that got wife is Kevin just because want to break up with Kevin. She got AIDS ma..
I think like that.. Today still wan watch.. want to watch all by this week.. Donno can bo le..

Yesterday after watch Seventh Day i watch DORAEMON!
wahaha.. This is nice.. I like it so much.. I actually c comic de.. But no more ma c vcd lo.. hahaha... Now wan to read detective conan! must c who got.. Not going to buy.. Waste $$ oni.. ahahahah! Tonite no cg! Going kai kai le tonite.. Wan buy High heels n recoder/flute! Wan to practice back le.. Long time din play! TMr working in bumble bee.. Thats mean I can online again! xD hahaha...
Everything is changed.
Everything is different