Tuesday, May 27

Tuesday! Going to Camp soon!

Yesterday night no mood ar~ Cause Dou Wei say not coming to camp.. Got tuition n dad don let to skip for once... ~~~~ Haiz.. I feel so sad..
Tot he will go wan... T.T
Ppl that I hope I can c in camp all tak pergi! Haiz.. So cham.. Den now more more ppl not going camp liao.. Josh not feeling well.. Donno can go or not.. Den older youth not going summore!
Haiz... hope last minute all also can go lar.. Today tuesday d.. so fast going to go liao.. Thursday going d!
Yesterday finish Catch Me Now d! Really finish on monday! I watch series very geng.. So fast finish! The ending of this series really let me kek sei! My BT!! N Mr. Tall (kou).. Kek Sei Me le la!
Tonite donno wan watch wat. I watching HanaKimi.. i watch thousand times d.. Now I re~watch again.. Gila le la me! My mommy say I sot sot wan! She say wan watch Fiona series.. But I don feel like watching that!
I want to watch Forensic Heroes... Can't wait to see Bobby, Charmaine, Kevin and Frankie Lam!
Can't Wait!!
These few days happy of 'something'.. heh heh.. xD

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