Friday, May 2

A new chapter of me

30th of April is my sad day.
1st of May is a happy day!
I'm release! Elisa noe why... Cause I not going to think le..
Even its still pain but.. let it go ba. ;)
Yesterday watch eposde 7 to 13.. Wau.. I cried... Niki is so cham!
Kevin ex..Selina.. i think still love kevin.. And she said her ex bf that got wife is Kevin just because want to break up with Kevin. She got AIDS ma..
I think like that.. Today still wan watch.. want to watch all by this week.. Donno can bo le..

Yesterday after watch Seventh Day i watch DORAEMON!
wahaha.. This is nice.. I like it so much.. I actually c comic de.. But no more ma c vcd lo.. hahaha... Now wan to read detective conan! must c who got.. Not going to buy.. Waste $$ oni.. ahahahah! Tonite no cg! Going kai kai le tonite.. Wan buy High heels n recoder/flute! Wan to practice back le.. Long time din play! TMr working in bumble bee.. Thats mean I can online again! xD hahaha...
Everything is changed.
Everything is different

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