Wednesday, May 14

3rd Day

Its a 3rd day! i know God support me.. N lot of ppl support me too!! heh heh
So No giving up.. I finished A Journey Called Life d!! Sad la.. Die die die! Started Tai Chi..
ZzZZz.. 1st epi oni.. Raymond Lam not yet out.. Waiting him!!
Me Suddenly Sick.. Got flu.. body getting hotter and hotter.. mayb low immune system.. Summore no makan.. So get sick! Nvm.. wat happen oso I still fight!! wakakkaka
Today Wednesday le.. Means I will go down sharp at 5 to find Dou Wei!! he he.. Got things to talk to him!
Oh ya.. Today Gab Birthday!
So At Here! I want to wish Kor Kor Happy Birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! GOD BLEZZ YOU!

Sorry for curi your photo! I can't find ma... heh heh...
Today not much to write.. So like that only la..
Niki And Kevin

Nice couple!


(all the photos taken by other website..
all nice photo with good quality..)

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