Tuesday, May 13

2nd day... Unreadable mind..

Suddenly I feel that am I sure what am I asking now~ I know its ridiculous.. but i want to try..
I been lost for so long.. Now I know what I want to do.. But Its a bit funny! But there's no harm for me to try.. Just that I don't know how to tell ppl! 40 days of fasting.. (skipping lunch only lar.) is it ok?
I don't know.. But i still want to fast! I really want to do this! I know I am stupid cause ppl think is a No Way~ I still got 39 days to fast.. I won't give up! I want to do something that I like to do!
Aunty Sue helping me now to find college.. But now I don't really want to study d.. What is my future? I don't know~ I want to do something I like? I know God will help me! I know!
Thank you God!
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