Friday, May 23

Missing them

Suddenly I think of 1 of my fren! He is Yoong Ken! I remember each time when all of us sitting together and want to tell joke. stories, he will say! I also got a story! Very funny wan..
After we hear his story, we will just keep our mouth shut.. Then we will laugh him... We always do that to him. Cause he is just too nonsense..
The story:
Once upon a time, there is an old uncle and a dog..
One Day, This old man bring his dog out for a walk!
Then the end!
Everytime when he want to say a story. This is da story! LAme man. Kai Loon will always call us to laugh as loud as we can after Yoong Ken finish his story! Suddenly think of them! Miss them so much.
Miss the time that we sit together, gossip, joke and more! I really miss them.. But don't have time to go out...
Guys. I miss u

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