Monday, May 5

My past

Yesterday went to church around 8.30..
Chee Meng fetch.. ^0^ happy.. Long time he no fetch me le... heh heh
Reach church help chee meng to take his beg.. ^^
Help Chee Kean to type the song... Actually i went to church early.. Sis Lai Ming not here so can't fetch me.. So ma go early lor..
Dear Elisa came.. Then both of us went up to Uncle S.T office..
What we do..??? heh heh.. we talk... some... secret...
Don't know why.. She is just like Chien Ling.. I can just bla everything to her!
N i tell her more!
then Uncle S.T came up to call us go down cause it almost 10!!
When down saw ppl saw saw saw.... When to comp there to help...
Elisa LEFT ME ALONE! she went to sit at somewhere else..
Naughty la she!
I helped for sunday school... wah.. super naughty! JOSh bro is so noti!!!
After sunday school.. wen down to MPH er... (multi purpose hall)... xD
Saw chee hon.. call me drink more water.. cause my tongue got ulcer.. pain...
we had a meeting for raising fund.. haha.. the whole meeting I feel like a bit weird.. Cause I don really happy.. So Elisa says that y don let her n Jayzee plan the stuff since they r in charge..
Ya! This is what I wanted to say.. but let her say tim.. haha... We have da same mind xD
I was thinking y call them be the organizer wen Esther point this n that!
So Elisa say this I m so agree!!!!!!!!!!
Finish meeting then clean up.. Then left me sasa josh joel n joel.. we chat there..
So fun.. Laughing this n that! So funny..
This week is ok ba.. Unhappy n happy oso got,.... heh heh..Unhappy i tried to let go..
i know I can!
Oh ya.. heard that kal n his 'gang' wen to astro.. swt =.=
Hope they all can ba..
I went back told mom.. She said.. Chee Meng maybe can.. Cause of his handsome~ness.... Mommy.. u c leng zhai!! noti noti!!

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