Thursday, May 8

A Journey called life

They are so secocok!!
Eventhough i finished this drama d.. but i still miss it.. love them so much
I m watching new series yesterday by ma chun wai.. A journey called life.. i think..
but i want to watch niki and kevin o~~ haiz...
Today office got problem between Janice and aunty sue! I suddenly feel so scary.
Sis Janice cry... Aunty Sue oso blur d.. Ask me why like that~ What i can answer!?
What I know what to say is.. Don't know~
haha.. hope everything will be ok ba.
Later having lunch with all the PASTOR at bibiwok.. scary but i wan eat!!! hahaha..
realize nowadays i watch series and keep putting tvb actor and actress photo??
Its because i want to forget everything by watching lor.. haha...
oh ya.. this is the pic for the new series I am watching.
A Journey Called Life
Linda & Steven Ma ;)
Niki Chow
~~tvb corner~~

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