Thursday, May 22

Can't Wait x3

Aunty Sue very cham.. Kena bully~~ haiz!
Chee Meng up there.. alone... so cham! renovate office by his own.. h3h3~~
hmmm.. later need to prepare groceries list! Must ask mommy! but i still don noe what to cook! wan sedap punya Tomyam or want easy way Tomyam... Must ask them first! Can't find the pot summore yet if they want 2! haiz! Summore need to fried mee hoon. Don wan fried mee hoon can ar? Fried mee hoon sangat susah le.. Kuey Teow easier! Haiz.. eat maggi mee lagi senang! xD
Yesterday rain! i can't go back! so chat with Sha Mein at bumble bee! so long no chat with them le... Talk bout work youth and other stuff! HAiz.. Work in church not so happy wan ar.. cause facing those ppl.. haiz.. I m 18.. they are double my age! how to communicate.. Luckily Aunty Sue now treat me very good.. hehehe... Now I understand her d! Last time I wrong.. Listen to ppl! She is just straight forward...
Hmm.... I CANT WAIT TO GO CAMERON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I m so bosan! i want go holidays! Faster finish this week then next week faster come!!!!!!
Oh ya.. Now I watching Catch Me Now! Its a nice series! VEry Nice! i think monday will finish the whole series d and will watch Fiona wan.. But I want Forensic Heroes II. I waitng for that show.. All the star very handsome and pretty... I can't wait...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm single
I'm not in love
Not going to in love yet~

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